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    Hey Guys,

    As you know I'm debating on having a hydro and Jess mentioned a urodynamics test if I wanted to know capacity. What exactly is this and is it painful? Thanks


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    From what I've heard, it is painless. What you do is, you void into a special toilet. That tests your flow, like how much you are voiding and whether or not your flow is fast or weak. They also check to see how much residual urine is left after voiding, if any. The test also measures bladder function--like if you have urinary incontinence, or if you can't pee, things like that. From my understanding, part of the process is they fill your bladder and ask you when you feel the sensation to pee. Most of us ICers (myself included) have very low bladder capacities. I know that you are concerned about yours, as you stated in another post. Anyway, a hydro can measure bladder capacity as well, I think. My uro was able to do it under the anthestetic for my hydro. He told me how much I can hold, but I was so groggy, I forget. I have began measuring at home, and it's not even an ounce. eek Good luck. I'm sure there will be more replies from people who have had these done!

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      Jess explained the uro dymainc study test well, I had it done and it was uncomfortable, they also put probes too. I can only hold 190cc of water. I sometimes measure and it is usally 20 0z and that hurts sometimes. the dr will ask you question when you start to feel like you can go and how long you can hold it and they ask you to try to pee in the toilet and I couldnt' do thatfor him. I hope this helped somewhat. I know they put you to sleep for the hydro and cysto. Praying for you.
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      There is hope. Prayer works.

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        I had this test done....and actually wasnt aware of the name of it till I read your messages today. The test I had done, they put all kinds of probes on my lower parts....then they raised the table to where it felt like i was on a toilet, and he told me to let him know when I felt the urge. They can tell how much muscle you use too, and if you are actually able to hold it and how at what point you cant hold it. I dont remember how much I held, but it wasnt much, cause he told me right away that I had very little control of my bladder. He also said I needed to have the intrastim if the insurance would agree. They agreed (I was hoping they didnt)! And I DIDNT have it done!! I told my doctor I would rather keep having the hydro/cysto every 6 months-1 year. Anyway....the test wasnt "painful", just uncomfortable. (I dont like peeing in front of others!) haha!! blah hope this helps
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