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  • Urodynamics Testing Today

    Well, today was the big day for my urodynamics test. In short, it was a big disappointment. After getting "configured" for the test with the catheders and ballons, I found that I couldn't void on command once my bladder was filled to about 300ml.

    I honestly don't see the value of having this test done. From what the uro could monitor on the filling phase of test, he said everything looked fine.

    Curious if anyone else had similar experiences with urodynamics?

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    Hi Derrick, I have to say, I really didn't like urodynamics. My bladder spasmed really bad the whole time because of the 2 catheters and all the adjusting my uro had to do. So getting a "true" capacity was difficult. Did they keep filling you up and in the meanwhile keep asking you "could you take more, are you sure, is that your final answer?"

    My spasms were so bad I couldn't tell if I could hold more or not. Just curious. At the end m bladder locked up completely and wouldn't let go of any liquid--retention.

    I don't think I'd do it again. And I never got any real conclusive results. I hope that helped you some.
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      The urodynmics test was how my old uro figured out that my pelvic floor muscles were in spasm. I couldn't pee out most of the urine and they could see that there was plenty there. That was the first step to my finding a physical therapist who could deal with pelvic floor muscles dysfunction and that was the most important key to my being able to 1 reduce certain types of pain 2 not become someone who can only pee with a catheter 3gradually bring sex back into my marriage in a significant way It is perhaps important to note that I had trouble emptying my bladder all the time not just during the test, that was part of the reason for frequency, I was only peeing a couple of drops at a time. The urodynamics test was quite painful for me but it gave my uro a chance to see what my muscles were doing. He did not know, however, that there were physical therapists that dealt with this. What he did was agree to send me to a pain clinic and the doctor there knew I needed to see a special PT.

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        It's such a relief to read that others have run into the same problems as myself.
        I found the urodynamic testing painful when they were inserting the catheder.
        Did they tell you what your bladder capacity is?
        I also couldn't get it all out once they filled my bladder and my bladder was spasming.


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          Hi Everyone- I have had uro-dynamics twice. The first time i was getting ready to have my hydrodistension done. I had a capacity of 150ml.
          I had it done again last May, 1 1/2 years after the first one. My bladder capacity had dropped to 75cc. I truly believe this is a progressive disease. The insertion of the catheter was so incredibly painful for me. After the test was over, I immediately took a Darvocet. It took me several weeks to get back to my normal voiding pattern. I went to the Mayo clinic and they wanted me to re-do this awful test. I told them to stick it where the sun don't shine!!!! I had done the test twice. I had my reults in my hand and they refused to read them. How maddening!!!!! It had not even been a month since my last test. What is more amazing is that at the time I had the test, I had stopped taking my Elavil so I feel like they got a true picture of what was going on. When I went to Mayo I was back on the stuff. Needless to say I left Mayo. At least I feel like they gave me a good physical and there is nothing else wrong with me. -Vicki

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