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ughhh, the pain of an ultrasound

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  • ughhh, the pain of an ultrasound

    Hi Everyone,

    On Friday, I had both a normal and vaginal Ultrasound...needless to say the vaginal one just about killed me eek ...I let out a blue string of Irish Curses scream and then I said to the technician...don't mind me just keep on doing what needs to be done...

    But the Dr did not warn me of this type of ultrasound and it caused me to flare big time...
    and I really wanted to work out at the gym... the tech kept on pressing down hard and I asked her if she needed to do that and she said she did...and she said that for people my size, there's a lot of gas down there and you can't get a good view...

    The pain...and the fact that it caused me to go to the bathroon frequently... toilet

    But let's just say today is better then yesterday or friday...

    Hope you enjoy the weather out there, it's beautiful in Toronto. :cool:

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    Sorry, I bet that did hurt. My yearly pelvic exam makes me see stars for days. Lots of ((((((((((hugs)))))))))) coming your way.


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      I was in the hospital last week and I also had two ultrasounds done. I wanted to kill the tech. when she clamped off the foley cath and let 250cc's of solution just drain into my bladder, then push around on me. I was in such agony. Hope you feel better soon.



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        The ultras ounds do hurt me when they push around me and they say they have do it. Ouch. I wish I could do it to them.LOL. Hope you are all feeling better. I hate pelvic exams and I know I need one. Hang in there.There is hope. it is spring in MA and it is beautiful here with the warm weather and seeing the grass, I get a kick seeing the Christmas stuff still out that was buried under the snow. Get well soon.
        Hang in there , There is hope.
        There is hope. Prayer works.

        Love, Debbie


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          Thanks for your support everyone...I was told by the director of the Pelvic Pain Clinic in Toronto that this type of pain that I have will last a couple of weeks and will take some time to cool down...lucky me , but I'll be fine.