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  • urodynamics test

    hi all. I had the urodynamics test yesterday. It feels like i'm peeing glass. Is this normal?.
    The nurse said my bladder pressure was normal. Is this normal for IC?. I am now waiting for a cystoscopy and a bladder and urethral stretch. At least i'll be asleep for this. It was such an embarrassing test that i hope i won't have to have this done again. I think I will come back as a man in the next life. lol. The nurse who did the test said it sounds like i have IC but the specialist i am seeing says IC is a name people give it when they can't think what else to call it so i could be fighting a losing battle with him, but all the tests he is doing is what people have done for IC. I suppose i will have to wait and see. Thanks for listening. adele

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    What urodynamiics test did you have? Urodynamic tests do not diagnose IC, what they do is rule out other conditions or diseases.

    Having good bladder pressure is good. At least your pelvic floor has not been affected.

    Did you have to fill your bladder to capacity? Did you have a cath? These could be reasons for the feeling like you are peeing glass.

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      hi diane,
      I had a tube in my urethra and one up my back passage hence the total embarrassment. They then filled my bladder gradually and asked me to tell them when i was getting pain or the feeling that i really needed to go. Its my first time for anything like this so i suppose i'll get used to it. I have noticed today though, my bladder hurts a lot more or maybe its just coincidental.
      love adele


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        The discomfort you are feeling is probably from the testing. You should feel better in a day or so. I had the same test done before my IC was diagnosed --- as a part of the "rule out everything else" process.

        Sending healing thoughts,
        Stay safe

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          Dear Littlerobin:

          Look in the listings about the poster sessions at the AUA conference last May. There was one that said that hydrodistention was more likely to be effective for those that have Hunner's Ulcers. I think it said hydrodistention had showed no more effective than conservative therapy for the non-ulcerative IC cases. Someone correct me if I am remembering that wrong as I don't have the write-up in front of me but it did influence my decision to delay considering one in my own case. It's worth a look-see for you I think!

          Good luck!

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            Ohhhh...I posted my last post in the wrong place. Gotta find where I meant to post it. Sheesh! [img]redface.gif[/img]

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              Hi again:

              OK look in the message section, "Cystoscopy and Hydrodistention" under "New Stanford Study". There's a poster mentioning this study there too.

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