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Need info. on tests please

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  • Need info. on tests please

    Hello to all,
    I will post this on the Daily Chatter board too in case this isn't the right place. My uro is scheduling me for 2 tests as I am having kidney pain along with my IC symptoms getting worse. The tests are a VCUG and IVP.
    The IVP I know is putting an iodine solution via IV to check the kidneys. The VCUG I am not familiar with. I was told they fill the bladder with a dye solution to check capacity (I think). I would like to hear of anyone having experience with this. Does the dye irritate the bladder? Is the distention like a hydro but with no anesthesia? geez!!! I hope not. Should I ask for a pain med. for afterwards. I am not a wimp when it comes to tests, but like to know what I'm in for. Also there is a bowel prep for the IVP and I have Colitis (pretty bad right now) Any suggestions to help me with this would be appreciated.
    Sorry this is so long,
    Thank you in advance for your help,
    Take care,

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    Hi Fiona,
    I did have an IVP done. I must admit the bowel prep was the worst. I have IBS and was up all night going you know where. Having colitis you may want to let your doctor know. Also some people can be allergic to the dye. If you have ever had a problem with iodine or shellfish let them know. I have not had the other test , but I am curious about this. Did the doctor say what it would show? I wish you the best. I have been through alot of tests and I know it is not much fun but it does help to know what is going on.Best wishes