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What does urodynamics show?

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  • What does urodynamics show?

    My uro wants to do a urodynamics on me before deciding whether or not to do the hydro. Does anyone know what this shows? I asked him, but after I left I realized I had no idea what he said.

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    Urodynamic tests help the doctor to determine basic bladder and urethral functioning. It can show whether your bladder is contracting abnormally (detruser instability) or not emptying properly (retention). If either condition exists in you, the urologist might tell you that you have a neurogenic bladder in addition to your IC or instead of your IC. Underlying neurological problems would then need to be ruled out. To learn more about what the tests are actually like, click on the following link:

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      For me, the urodynamics test was one of the most useless tests that I have ever had. I went to my first uro, complaining of severe bladder pain and urgency. I had the test, witch involved a catheter and a computer print out. The test showed a spastic bladder and small capacity. He put me on detrol and told me to return in 2 months. I asked why did I also have such severe pain, he said he didn't know. This, to me was a bad sign, so I quickly changed uros. My second uro thought that I might have IC, but he wanted to see the results of my cystometrogram. The two uros work in the same building , so my husband went to the first uro's office to get the test results. before he gave them to uro number 2, he saw that uro number 1 wrote test does not indicate IC. Uro number 2, looking at the same computer readings, did not agree. He thought they very much looked like the bladder of an IC patient. I went on to have a hydro, that showed a shrunken, and glomurulation filled bladder. So the conclusion of this story is that two doctors can look at the same test results, and have totally different ideas about what they mean. That first uro was paid a lot of money for an incorrect diagnosis. GRRRR


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        Buana, for me the Urodynamics study was very useful. You see, sometimes we feel like we have to urinate when in fact there is not a capacity problem with the bladder but instead a pain problem from the IC that mimics the symptoms of having to urinate. If your urodynamics study proves positive, there may not be a need for a hydrodistention which in some cases can be VERY painful. Read all the posts under the Cysto/Hydro section and you'll realize the wide range of pain from a hydro. How did your study come out?


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          For me it was VERY useful because it showed how much urine I was holding after urinating and it showed the horrific spasms in black and uro nurse was blown away and couldn't understand how I was living with that kind of pain BUT the uro wouldn't give me anything for the pain (go figure [img]eek.gif[/img] [img]rolleyes.gif[/img] } He is now my X-uro and the one I have now is wonderful [img]wink.gif[/img]
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