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  • In-office cystoscopy

    Hi everyone,

    I had an in office (rigid) cystoscopy yesterday. They gave me a local anesthetic to numb my urethra. I was starting to feel better until I had that procedure. Now, I am having more pressure and my urethra is constantly sore. I also feel like I have to urinate constantly. I called them today and they told me that is normal after having this done. For anyone who had an in office cystoscopy done, did you feel worse after it? How long did it take for you to stop hurting? I just want to make sure everything is okay because I felt like I was getting better, now I feel bad again.
    Thanks so much.

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    Hi Linda,

    What you are feeling is perfectly normal. You will probably feel better by tomorrow. I've had about 10 office cystoscopies and it usually takes me a day or two to feel better.



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      I had 3 cystoscopies (in office as you) one was rigid, and it hurted for 3 days... Don't wory, it is normal. I suggest that you should drink a lot of water.


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        I thought I was having pain before that cystoscopy! Boy, was I wrong! I feel worse than I did a month ago when all of my symptoms first started. I guess this procedure just triggered some kind of bad reaction. I'm having horrible constant pressure on my bladder and every so often I feel a burning feeling in my bladder also. My urethra is also really sore and I keep feeling "twinges" there also. I feel worse than I did yesterday right after the procedure was over. That's why I am so scared. I never thought this procedure would cause this much discomfort. But, when I called them today, they told me it was normal. Has anyone else had this kind of reaction to an in office cystoscopy?
        Thanks again.


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          The symptoms that you are experiencing is are quite normal. It does take a few days to start to feel better especially if you are diagnosed with IC. After 3-4 days if you are not feeling any better and you start having burning and change in your urine than you should contact your physician to rule out a bladder infection. But for now the symptoms that you are having are quite normal.



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            Hi Linda, I had a cystoscopy and hydro done under generalanthesia, Ifelt worse a week later and the uro said that was normal plus I had other things going on at the same time, spastic colon and uti and kindey stone. I hope you are feeling better. Let us know how you are doing. We care. There is hope. Hang in there.
            Hang in there , There is hope.
            There is hope. Prayer works.

            Love, Debbie