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  • Yes to white blood cells


    Yes, nearly all of my negative urine cultures revealed white blood cells microscopically. Additionally, blood tests revealed that my normal 5.8 wbc count (before IC symptoms) has doubled to 12.4. Hmmm.... what's going on here???? I suppose the wbc(s) in my urine could be the result of not being too careful with the "clean catch" method.

    Anyway, after 1 year of living in IC hell, I will be having a lap done this week to rule out endo and/or a really bad case of PID (could that account for the high wbc count in my body???) Since I've been on quite a few antibiotics in the past year, I asked my uro/gyn how I could still have any sort of pelvic infection.

    She said it's possible because my reproductive organs and/or other tissues could be infected really badly. Oh joy....

    Anyway, hope my response helped.

    Take care,