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    Hi Eileen,
    Thanks for your response. My uro wants me to have both tests done at the same time to see why I have kidney pain and also my IC symptoms are worse now. The VCUG is a cystogram which I had heard of, but the nurse just called it a VCUG and I didn't connect the 2. If you like you can check IcnMgrDiane's post on here, she very kindly posted a list of procedures, very informative. I have also been through many tests, no fun but we have to do what we have to do I guess. I did have an IVP several yrs. ago, but don't remember having to do the bowel prep. Anyway, I'll let you know how it all went. I'm not really concerned about the tests, but how my bladder will feel afterwards. ugh!!! What we have to go through.
    Take care,

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    Fiona ,
    I wish you luck on your tests and hope your bladder is not in pain after. I remmember my doctor telling me the bowel prep was to clean bowel so they could see the xray better on the IVP. I agree this really can be so frustrating.