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anyone have prolapsed urethra

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    Hi Tina! I'm on Ditropan and intially I didn't notice any kind of difference. In fact I almost thought it made it worst. However, after about 2 and a half weeks I started feeling better. I actually slept through the night without having to get up, I couldn't believe it. So, I would say it might take weeks before you notice any changes.
    Good Luck - I hope the meds help soon!
    Take Care!
    I speak of my personal experience only to provide support to others who have IC. I am not offering professional advice in any way. All patients are different and may respond differently to various remedies and medical treatments. These posts are based on my personal experience and are not meant to be viewed as medical advice nor do they replace the proper evaluation and treatment by a medical professional or healthcare provider. Please seek out treatment and medical advice from your doctor and medical team.


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      Hi Jennifer,
      Thanks for the info on the Ditropan. My uro doc took me off of it and I am on Flomax now. The Flomax is supposed to help me empty more efficiently and without using much force. The doctor has me setting my alarm clock every 4 hours at night to emtpty my bladder. If I don't, then I go into spasm in the morning and have to catheterize myself and wind up having a horrible morning. I also have an Interstim device that has had to be reprogrammed a few times to help with my retention problem. The bladder spasms are horrible when they occur. Thank you for responding to my are all so wonderful. I think this site has been a god-sent for me. I feel like I have a whole bunch of friends that really understand what I am going through. Thanks again and god bless!!!