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  • Testing for allergies

    I was wondering if anyone could share any information on allergy testing. I am going to see another uro on Monday who will have me sent in for some bloodwork. What is done exactly? Any input appreciated-I've never had this done so I'd love to hear any stories. Thanks.

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    I was tested for allergies when I was four years old. That would have been... oh.. 1979.

    In 1979 they had me lay on my stomache, put something on my back that looked like an excell file (lots of small boxes outlined in red pencil) and in each box they pricked my skin with some allergen.

    Ie.. box AI was cat dander.. box B2 was mold...

    and three minutes later my back was one huge horrible hive. [img]smile.gif[/img] Every. single. box. reacted. Since then we've discovered that my allergic reactions are sufficiently huge enough that we don't really need to do the prick tests. (I'm allergic to the stuff that makes liquid deodorants liquid. My entire trunk being covered in 2 inch red hives was hard to miss)

    I don't think they do the prick testing anymore. And the allergy meds they have nowadays aren't nearly the same awful stuff I took back then. Claratin and all the new ones are a Godsend.

    I'm thinking you'll probably have a much easier time of it.

    I'd like to hear what they are doing nowadays to test for an allergy response.


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      If you are thinking of going the natural way. There is a method called NAET (Natural Allergy Elmination Treatment) They test you for allergies and then treat you through accupunture. I tried it and found out I was allergice to everything! Unfortunately I went for 20 visits, VERY expensive, but it's an option. I am not aware of anything else for allergies because I have not been clinically tested in a doctor's office. I hope someone else can help you with this.....

      Best Wishes,

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        This is my first time posting here. I am sort of new to IC being DX in Feb of this year. I have tried the DMSO treatments and I am currently on Elmiron. I have not had much luck on the Elmiron and this is my 5th month on it. The DMSO caused me to be ill for about 2 weeks after treatments and it was just getting to the point it was not worth it. Anyway, the reason for my posting....

        I am currently trying to seek out alternative therapies to IC and Endometriosis. I have an appt with a Clinical Nutritionist who works with vitamins, herbs and diet as treatment for different disease. I am on a high level of medication for both of these disease and would like to try a more natural approach. When I spoke with the Nutritionist just yesterday she suggested that I have an allergy test done. She suggested that it may help in figuring out what is good and bad for my bladder. She suggested that from some research she has read, that IC may be caused or influenced by allergies? Have any of you heard of this? Also, if any of you know of any great books on alternative therapies for IC or Endo, please email me. I am not sure of how the allergy testing will be done but will post about the appt after I meet with her next week.

        Thanks for any repies in advance,
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          The idea connecting allergies and IC can be found here in the IC Handbook:

          A summary basically is that mast cells are the ones that react when you have an allergic reaction. They take something relatively harmless and get overly-sensitive to it and go off as if they have come into contact with something toxic. All allergic reactions come from mast cells.

          There are mast cells in the bladder. Some people think that the mast cells get irritated by the urine and that that version of IC is basically a body's allergic reaction to itself.

          It follows then that antihistamines (that block histamines and the mast cells don't react) would help those who are actually having an allergic reaction.

          I started Claratin a little over a week ago and unless I'm dreaming it's definately helping. I went from a 5 to 7 pain scale most days down to a 0 to 3 pain scale. Right now I'm sitting at work, no heating pad, no TENS, and very nearly pain-free.

          It might be worth a shot.

          Let me know how it goes.


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            Lori-my doctor really believes that I had an allergic reaction-you can scroll to the bottom and read what I posted under eosinophilic cystitis (topic 'new ideas'). Thanks for everyone's reply!

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              Welcome to the ICN!

              A nurse in L.A. named Amrit Willis wrote a book called, "Solving the Interstitial Cystitis Puzzle".

              Amrit claims to have recovered from IC using an allergy elimination diet with the end goal of alkalizing the diet, urine and body. I have read her book and followed her diet approach. It is NOT easy and requires much discipline and diligence but I do feel it helped me. &lt;I am still on some medicines which is not aligned with her approach so I cannot say I did it 100%.&gt; There is a lot in her book and on her website that makes sense to me.

              Good luck with whatever you try and if you want more info on my personal experience with it, let me know.

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