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    I have a Urodynamics test just a couple of weeks ago..(they didn't take a video). The best way I can explain it, is like having a EKG done on your bottom..and yea they put one up your rectum..but it didn't hurt, none of it did..once they have u hooked up, you get up from the table and sit on a special potty chair..the tech (a woman) then started filling my bladder up with that special water stuff (they have a cather in)..i had to let her know, when i got the first urge to pee..then after some more filling up..when i REALLY had to go..then she stopped the water and told me to pee..she thankfully left the room..i have a very bashful bladder [img]smile.gif[/img] ..and once i did dressed and saw my Uro. doctor..Its embrassing..but I tried to make small the tech was a really nice..and NO PAIN