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Cystoscopy & Optical Urethrotomy

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  • Cystoscopy & Optical Urethrotomy

    I Finally Got It Done This Morning. I Cant Believe It, This Was My 4th Cystoscopy As Well. Im Glad I Was Given Another Chance 2 Get These Strictures/blockages Cut Out. I Currently Have 2 Wear A Size 18 Catheter With A Leg Bag For 2days. This Is The Biggest Cath I Have Ever Worn In My Life. Its Pretty Uncomfortable At The Moment. Hopefully These 2days Pass Quickly. Other Than That,the Procedure Went Great I Didnt Feel A Thing, But I Will Know 4 A Fact If It Helped Improve My Urinary Situation In A Coulpe Of Dayz.

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    As Of Right Now, I Know Its 2 Early 2 Say Whether Or Not My Urinary Symptoms Improved, But These Past 3 Days Been Really Frustrating/annoying Because Whenever I Have 2 Urinate, It Takes Even Longer 4 My Urine 2 Pass And Once I Get Done, My Urethra And Bladder Has Urine Stuck In There And I Also Dont Notice Any Strong Change In The Way My Urine Stream Looks. It Feels Alot Weaker, Unless I Push/strain. I Notice I Use The Bathroom Alot More 2. Even Though It Was Somewhat Uncomfortable Wearing That Big Catheter, My Body Felt More Better Because Of The Urine Being Constantly Drained. Only Painful Thing Was When I Had A Slight Erection Or A Medium Erection In The Early Morning Hours, It Was Very Painfull And Blood Would Be Coming Out Of My Pee Hole And All Around The Catheter. What A Nasty Site.the Only Time Blood Seems 2 Come Out Is When I Would Get A Erection. I Wonder If I Shouldnt Have Taken The Catheter Out 3days Ago, My Body Felt Much Better Having It In Place. I Also Dont Want 2 Use My Self Caths 4 Help Because Im Afraid Of Causing Some Damage In My Raw Urethra. Man, Suffering From This Urinary Problem Makes My Life F-in Misrable. I Feel Like I Cant Do $h*t Because Im Constantly In The Restroom. I Always Wonder What Could Be Causing Me 2 Have All These F-up Urinary Symptoms. What Is The Main Cause??? It Was Never This Bad Back In 2005, This Urinary Problem Is Just Getting Worse. Im Just Frustrated And I Need 2 Vent.