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  • Cystoscopy etc.


    Tuesday I had an appointment with my urologist. Today I had a urodynamics test done, not sure what the correct name is for it.

    They inserted a cathater in my bladder ow....then filled me up with 600 mls. I basically had to tell them when I had the urge to go, when I really felt I had to go and when I couldn't hold it any longer...
    Anyway got up past 600 mls without any bladder spasms. When I went to the toilet I peed out alittle over 600...

    So according to this test, the woman doing the test does not think I have IC. She said most IC patients she can't get them over 100 mls.

    Anyway I also had a voiding cystogram done. And that came back normal as well. Also a ultrasound on my bladder which showed normal.

    Tomorrow I am having the cystoscopy with no anathestic. Im not sure what to expect. I keep having bladder symptoms but all the tests are coming back normal?

    I don't really have urgency, maybe some frequency. My major symptoms are burning in my urethra and when the pee hits my outer tissues, and also pain in my lower abdomen. The pain in my lower abdomen feels like I did way too many sit ups..or like when your uterus contracts during a contraction in labor...but no bladder spasms on my test today....Or sometimes I get this weird feeling like my insides are going to fall out.
    Also, sometimes I have pain when I have a bowel movement.

    Sex and exercise seem to get it going the most. hot showers, ice packs on my belly and good ol pain medicaiton seems to help.

    I have been also tested for all STD's twice. so it is not that.

    I have had theses symptoms for six years now. I can not find any collaboration with food...the only thing I think really bothers me is orange juice but everything else is aok. Red wine actually has made me feel better...Tonight for example I had spaghetti with itailian sausages and had no what is up??? Do I have IC? Or is there anything else out there?
    Pelvic floor dysfunction???

    Anyway, I was just wondering if the cystoscopy comes back normal along with the other tests, is it possible I still have IC>



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    Thanks for sharing your story... I am scheduled to have that test next week, and I'm TOTALLY freaked out about it! You said the cath hurt? I'm wondering if I should take a sedative before the test, or if it would affect the results?

    I'm curious about flares... My symptoms seem to come and go, if I'm not in a "flare" at the time of the test, could it show negative, but another time while in a "flare" it would show positive?

    Thanks in advance for the info.
    dx: Spastic Bladder, chronic hematuria (that went away?), kidney stone... possible IC

    Medical History:
    c-sections: 1988, 1991, 1997
    Viral Arthritis 1998 (Like RA, but went away!! )
    Pterygium & Dry Eyes since 2005
    Hysterectomy (Fibroids) 2006


    Me & Jerry ~ Sammy & Ryan


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      Hi...I do have IC


      I had the cysto today, and yes it hurt, but not that bad.

      I have a dianoses of IC due to the pinpoint bleeding in my bladder wall.:woohoo:

      I am so happy to finally find out what I have.

      Don't worry too much about the cysto, it is not that bad. I took a couple of advils before I went in. They also freeze your urethra before doing it.




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        Hi Carolyn,
        I just thought I would tell you, just because you were able to hold 600mls does not rule out IC. There are alot of people with IC that are able to hold a normal amount of urine.


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          I have ic and can hold a normal amount of urine most of the time except during really bad flares.


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            Hi Cardholic, don't panic about the Urodynamic's a snap. They are very gentle with everything they do. I didn't feel any pain. The most embarassing part is trying to pee with all these wires hooked up to you and the nurse in the room watching you...tee hee! I found the cystoscopies did not hurt but when the doc fills your bladder up to the fullest possible point, I swear you feel like you are going to pee all over him and then wham, he empties you. If they decide to stretch your Urethra while he's in that hurt like a son of a gun. Just my experiences. It will be a-okay. S.