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PETRIFIED!!!!!looking for words of wisom HELP!

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  • PETRIFIED!!!!!looking for words of wisom HELP!

    IM having to Urodynamic testing done on Wednesday...IM SCARED TO DEATH cuz I had it done 9 yrs ago and it was AWEFUL and I wasnt nearly as symptomatic as I am now. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING irritates me "down there" and I can NOT imagine HOW I will survive things being shoved "you know where" and having my bladder filled with fluid and "bothered" and irritated.

    ANy suggestion? I am going all by myself and I havent been sleeping the past few night becuase even though I KNOW I HAVE TO go thru with this, Im STILL petrified to do so...its going to be a veyr L O N G hour and 15 minutes...Y I K E S!!!!


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    Its not fun, you know that. That parts over I too am very sensitive down there. I had some low grade pain during the insertion of the caths. You will do fine. Concentrate on what the uro is asking you. You can totally get through this test, you have been sufferng for IC for years, this will be no sweat. Ask for either pyridium or Urelle as soon as the test is done and take it asap. You will be fine.

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      ((((((hugs))))))))) I am so sorry you are scared about this.. I have never had one so I have no idea what you will be going through.. I just wanted to say hang on there and I will keep you in my prayers

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        Usually anticipation is much worse than the reality. When I'm having tests or treatments that involve catheters, I find it makes it much easier if I concentrate on relaxing while the caths are inserted.

        Warm hugs,
        Stay safe

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          Hi Diane.
          Did your doctor say why she is having you do the urodynamics test? I have not personally had this test, at least not yet anyhow. I have had so many tests done for different health issues, and likely one day I will end up having this one to
          When you get to the doctor for the test tomorrow, tell the women who is doing it up front that you had a very bad experience last time you had this test and that she needs to be very gentle with you. If you feel during any part of the test that it is just to much or to painful, then tell her to stop. Remember, YOU are in control, not her. Only you know how your body feels.
          Having these tests can be very stressful, I know. I have a motility disorder and I had to go through a test called a small bowel manometry where they put this tube down your nose and in your throat and all the way in your small bowel and you have to go home with it in there for 24 hours and eat with that tube down your throat and down in the intestines.It was suppose to record all the small bowel contractions and such. That was not easy, but I made it. But like my doc said before I even went home with that thing in me, he said if I at all felt like I could not handle it, I could have went to the nearest ER to have it removed or I could have yanked it out myself if I had to. Just knowing that I was in control of things helped alot.
          Good Luck hon, and Big hugs.


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            First of all I had this done last year. The test itself was ok, I had a great NP do it, but because I have terrible bladder spasms, I was in a total mess afterwards. After the test, you then go to see the Dr. I was crying, doubled over in pain. She was so sweet, gave me scripts for pain meds, muscle relaxers, and told me to go home and take a warm bath and use heat. My one suggestion is if you can have someone go with you, have pain meds ready for after the test so the ride home will not be so bad. It was a very useful test in my case, it gave the dr. impt. information in a treatment plan. Good Luck and it will be ok. P. S. Just do not take any meds, pain or antispasm meds before or they will not get accurate reading.


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              HI Diane and Welcome!
              I was worried about the Urodynamic tests too. If you are concerned about catheters, you could always ask ahead of time if they have lidocain and small catheters. Getting cathed has always been rough for me but Lidocain on the tip and using the smallest catheters they had really made it easier (my current doctor's office has even smaller ones b/c they see children too. The kids sized catheters are the best for me!). After my Urodynamic testing, the nurse gave me a rescue treatment. I know alot of offices will do that after procedures like that. Those didn't help me much, but many IC'ers get alot of relief right away. Again, it involves a catheter, but she just used the one that was already in. Plus the solution usually has lidocain right in it and that should calm and numb your bladder. Again, you would have to call ahead to ask about this, but these were two things I could think of I hadn't seen anyone else suggest. My way of dealing with the stress of uncomfortable tests was to just keep remembering that this was all part of getting a diagnosis after a year of pain and getting help at last.
              Good luck and best wishes! Let us know how it went.
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                I'm sorry you are so scared! Can your doctor prescribe one or two doses of something to relax you the night before, and during? Also let the person doing the test know how much discomfort you are already in, and that you are scared, and ask for whatever they can do to make it easier, like use lidocaine jelly when putting catheter in, something for pain if you need it when you get home, and I would take some TUMS to help with the burn after, because it really helps.

                I had this done two years ago. It was not fun, but it provided very valuable information in my case.

                Best of luck!


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                  Don't let them call a nurse all the way from the ER to come put a cath in--she doesn't like to walk all the way from the ER to the e-ray dept. She let me know how she felt about it in more ways than one. Other than taking this test in front of 2 men who didn't know what they were doing -- it wasn't too bad. Just like everyone said--relax for the cath and have meds ready. I don't know how some type of anti-anxiety med would effect the testing but you could ask. My Dr always gives me xanax before surgery--I love that woman!!


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                    Hey Thanks Everyone

                    You guys are the BEST and SO SWEET!

                    As far as the person doing it, its the Doctor doing it from what I understand. and its a SHE not a HE thank God. I did my research and found a SHE Doc not a HE Doc because of all my bad experiences.

                    I have NO ONE to drive me there and be with me plus its a long drive. Its not close to home. I hope I last. THANK HEAVENS the past few days the pain ahs settled down a bit and the urgency and frequency has too so maybe that will be a plus.

                    IM nervous still, not sure how Ill get thru other then grin and bare it. Im leaving straight from my job so at leats the first few hours before hand Ill be at work and my mind on my patients (Im a Physical Therapist Aide)..thats probly a good thing because if I was home and waiting for that final hour Id be a real mess.

                    I have had worse things i guess...Had a sigmoidoscopy done (emergency one) where I could NOT be sedated and I screamed all the way thru the entire procedure and begged the Doc to was miserable.....I also had the Manometery done where they put a tube from your ose into your sotmach and pull it out an inch at a time measuring your swallowing ability and the strength of it, no sedation was aweful.

                    So anyway, I guess Ill suck it up and get this overwith. Then in two weeks i go for cystoscope. I HOPE I dont have to reschedule that because I may have my period by then and I alreayd took off of work. That will stink. I lied to my Bosses about why I needed coverage for a few hours tomorrow and a few in tow weeks because I really dont want to disclose any of this nightmare.

                    HUGS to you all...thanks so much for all the advice and such.
                    Ill pray on it and hopefully it will all go well. I didnt realize how long they hour and 15 minutes seems like an eternity of pain doesnt it?

                    LIVE, LAUGH AND LOVE


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                      Just wanted to wish you well with your test's . Hope it will be as pain free as possible ! Let us know how you make out.
                      Hugs Sandra
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