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Help please - ultrasound advice

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  • Help please - ultrasound advice

    Please could anyone advise me? I have an appointment for an ultrasound of my urinary tract. The letter says

    "Drink one to one and a half pints ofwater one to two hours before the appointment and do not empty your bladder before the examination."

    My bladder only holds six fluid ounces, at which volume I am in intense pain and discomfort. I need to urinate urgently every few minutes night and day. What on earth am I supposed to do before this test? thanks!

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    Talk with your doctor. If you can't hold fluid in your bladder they may be able to instill some just for the test, then drain it back out.

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      Thank you Donna, I will do that.


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        Like Donna mentioned, if the technician knows your situation ahead of time, she shouldnt have a problem filling your bladder via a catheter and draining it when the scan is over.

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          I would call them and say "HELL NO!" I had a transvaginal ultrasound of my ovaries, uterus, bladder, etc. They knew an abdominal U/S was out of the question and the Transvaginal ultrasound is more accurate in terms of gyn imaging. I don't know why they ordered it, but for me, they wanted to make sure there was no ovarian issue pressing on my bladder or something wrong with my uterus. Good luck! Refuse to drink the fluids... I would!
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            I had a bladder ultrasound and drank nothing. In fact I didn't even know that I was going to have it done when I went for the appointment. There's no way I could drink that much.
            Once, just prior to IC, I had an ultra sound of my uterus. I drank all the water - ugh. When they finally got around to me, they couldn't see anything because everything was too flat - so - they said, "Go let a little bit out" --HA HA>
            Good luck. Please call and let them know the situation.
            Who ordered the ultra sound?
            Was it your IC doc? If so, wouldn't you think she/he would think of that?


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              Thank you for your kind advice. My urologist ordered the test.


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                I think when I had mine done, I did drink at least 20 oz, before I got there and told them that I couldn't drink anymore due to my IC; luckily they were able to get me in and see how full my bladder was, unfortuntely, it wasn't quite full so I had to drink a little more -- didn't have to drink quite the 32 oz but just enough for the tech. to see what they needed to see. Like the others have said talk to the tech and ask. (this might be a little late for any advice-if it is, sorry). Hope everything goes alright..


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                  I had a transvaginal ultrasound for my ovaries in which a wand is inserted into the vagina. My urologist had done an ultrasound of my bladder 2 months ago and I did not have to drink any water. There is no way to hold it now.
                  Three years ago, I had an ultrasound that required me to drink 3 cups of water. I wasn't nearly a peebody as I am now.

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                    Thank you Mary & Bunny, you are all very kind. You're not too late with your help Mary, my ultrasound is next week.


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                      I have one today but it is of my ovaries and uterus. They told me to have a comfortably full bladder. I think I know what they mean but I don't really think any fullness of my bladder is that comfortable. Once I get the fullness feeling I get some pain. I plan to just drink a bottle of water before I go, or part of a bottle. Good luck on your test! I don't even know what they are looking for on mine, they just said I should have one.



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                        I told my doctor there was no way I could do the abdominal US and hold in that much water, so they just changed it to a trans vaginal ultrasound and I was fine with that. Talk to your doctor and explain to him how much pain that will cause you and could he do the other one instead. If not for some reason, just start drinking once you get there and then explain to the technician your problem and hopefully they will be kind and get you in right away without your bladder having to be full for too long. But they should be able to do the vaginal one, so please check..Good luck,


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                          I had both the transabdominal and the transvaginal. I wasn't comfortable holding it but I did and I wasn't comfortable after I used the restroom for the other exam. It was ok though. Everything looked normal from what the lady said.



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                            We all have our stories about having a sonagram. I remember mine. It was in college and I followed the instructions to the letter.. go to the hospital and was told they were running 45 minutes late and could I please pee "just half" of my urine out. Not possible!!! Honestly, an IC patient can't do what a normal person can do with respect to holding large amounts of urine comfortably.

                            In the several I've had in the past 15 years, I have exactly the same routine. I drink just ONE normal glass of water about 25 minutes before the appointment. No large glasses or pushing water. They have NEVER told me that I didn't have enough urine to do the test. Noone even mentioned it during the test.

                            As always, you could just call the radiology department... explain that you have IC and ask for a protocol used for people with sensitive bladders. It would be interesting to see what they say.

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