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Well, I had my Urodynamics testing

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    I have had this happen, not too much pain or discomfort during the procedure but afterwords, bang it hits, big time.

    I figure for me it is spasms, I have found that if I take 1 or 2 ativans (benzos) it works great for this and fast, mine just dissolve under my tongue.

    Maybe you could call in to the Dr's office and explain what happened after the cysto and ask for a Rx for this or some other anti spasm medication prior to test Incase this happens to you again, it not like you need a script for very many of them.

    For me it happens every time and this works fast, I usually only have to take it the one time the sooner the better, this is why I say ask for a Rx ahead of time. For me the spasms hit before I can even get my cloths back on.

    If you can't get a script for this, my next best suggestion is too take a couple of OTC AZO, it will at least numb the bladder, and or maybe a couple of Tylenol or what ever pain meds you have, not a NSAID right before the hydro, hopefully they will give you some pain meds when they do the hydro or right afterwords.

    You didn't say will you be awake or asleep for this? Doctors seem to do it both ways, although in my opinion you need to be put out for it, and if this is the case they will give you something in recovery for the pain if you get it again.

    Don't worry about it too much it will only make your bladder worse, I know easier said than done.

    Let me know how it goes for you MG
    My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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      MG, thanks for the advise, I like my uro but I do think he's going at this a little conservative he has done the instills added emiron, vesicare and no pain meds. After the cysto I had to get an emergency appt with his partner (my uro was out of town) due to the pain and that's when I had my first instill, I saw my uro the next week and we agreed together to continue the instills, 7 or 8 weeks later I saw my uro for a follow up appt we spoke about other options of treament, my hesitation of doing the hydro due to the severe pain after the cysto, YES i will be sedated for the procedure but he never once offered any pain meds but to be fair I never asked for them either. He also said he didn't think I needed a rescue instill after the procedure. I figure once this test is done if he doesn't give me something for the pain I will try another uro. I recently found a uro-gyno in my area that specializes in IC and I plan on making an appointment with him. One last thing I do plan on asking for pain meds, my test is on a Friday,my husbands working out of town and I don't plan on spending the weekend in severe pain. I will keep you posted.

      Katie I understand why your so upset but we do hope you come back.
      IC diagnosis 3 weeks ago.
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      IBS and Gerd-Zegerid
      IC diet
      Elmiron 100 mg three daily
      Hydroxyzine 25 mg at night
      Amitriptyline 10mg at night
      Diovan 60/12.5 daily
      Topral 50 mg daily
      Zoloft 100 mg at night
      Klonopin .5 twice daily


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        Keep us posted on how the hydro goes. Ask for painmed even if it is only for a few days, you may need them or you may not, but better to ahve and not need than to need and not have.

        My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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          Help to KatieB regarding the tests


          I know what you are going through. I had several installations and tests before I told whoever I went to that I must first be put to sleep. Only by being asleep will you not feel this pain and only be being asleep can the tests be done accurately. So, please, see someone who will put you asleep and use a numbing oitment and injection.

          My daughter just had these tests and she was asleep especially for the cystoscopy.

          I hope this helps. Sharon


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            While some tests do require anesthesia --- the one that comes to mind is hydrodistention --- there are other ones that actually need for the patient to be awake and responsive. When I had my urodynamics test, I was awake and followed the instructions of the physician during the test.

            Stay safe

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              I want to post about my doctor appointment and Interstim implant.

              I have been put on a 3 month waiting list for a trial Interstim. The specialist I saw tells me that not only will it help with my IC pain, he said it would help with my chronic pelvic pain, my back pain and help my bowels. He said i am a good candidate for the device.

              The doctor at the Pelvic Floor Center in Minneapolis tells me basically I have nerves that are miss-firing and they are sending messages of pain to my brain. He says that these nerves some how start sending the wrong message.

              I do not want to wait the 3 months if it will help me with all of these areas of pain.

              The doctor tells me my Burch or what he called 'a bladder vault suspension' is still intact. He doesnt want to go in and operate or remove the scar tissue. He says i am at the age where i should start menopause so when that happens the endometrosis will stop growing.

              I also had a bladder scope and the Dr. gave me some peridium s.p. to numb the bladder and an Rx of seems to help some.


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                I can relate to the urodynamics testing. I was pretty much forced to go or not come back when I had a problem. The uro told me "there's nothing wrong with you", "you shouldn't be on anything". The pain during the testing and after was something I'll never forget, worse than the other cystos.

                I've had 6cystos in the last yr and a half, 2 uros, (they work together). They keep telling me everything is normal but my uti test strips always show traces or more. They thought it was IC but then weren't sure, told me to start low dose Macrobid, then told me to stop it. Sometimes Macrobid and Norflox worked, sometimes it didn't. I've been struggling for 15months, seems it all started after a trip to the swimming pool and my hormone changes.

                I am currently awaiting an appointment with a uro/gyno, female specialist. It seems hot flashes bring on a uti or symptoms of a "negative" uti. I am coping with pyridium, (azo) and D mannose with a 1-3 drops of oregano oil with the D mannose.

                If anyone has any advice or words of support/help I would be very grateful. Reading others' stories have also helped me.

                Thank You


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                  KatieB, don't know if you are still here to read this. Or others who want to read this:
                  I was Dx with IC in 1997 outpatient hospital setting, with an epidural, bladder distention to 700cc (the reason for the epidural) and bladder biopsy to rule out bladder cancer. Treated with the usual protocol of the time. The IC started 6 yrs afte hysterectomy so I don't think I can say that was the cause. Anyway, a few years later I started to have trouble starting to pee and having some retention. I don't think they were doing urodynamics then, or not regularly - no one suggested it. I was taught to self cath and to do self-instillations. I was ok and felt pretty much ok at that time. Now 15 yrs later my bladder is shutting down and I can't pee, so just had first urodynamics test which shows I have a neurogenic bladder - so it's caused by the nerves at the sacrum, probably from a slip and fall when I fell directly on it really hard. Anyway now I have to self-cath again. I will do it. Having trouble starting again but I know I will get past it. There are kids in wheel chairs who have to self-cath and lots of other people a lot worse off than I am. So, I have to stay positive and hopeful.

                  Pain is relative and no one can judge your pain but you. That's why they have pain charts at the doctors office and they ask if you are experiencing pain and if you are you say what number and they believe you. This is great. And new since I was diagnosed, and before I was diagnosed no one believed I was having pain. So, things are a lot better for everyone in spite of some snafus here and there. I found that when things go wrong, which they do sometimes, I just have to speak up assertively but respectfully and the problem will be corrected. I say what the problem is and ask for their help.

                  I haven't been here much because my husband is ill and there is so much to do, but I am still an IC volunteer locally - people even call from other places because my phone number is printed on the list of state volunteers. Jill, Donna and others have been so helpful to me when I was diagnosed that I feel privileged be able to pass this forward, as they say now.

                  All the best to everyone!


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                    I am still here. I hear what you are saying. Bummer. I think you were probably not posting very often when I joined. I do instillations as needed. So far everyting is great. It has been about 8 years since I was diagnosed. Dr. Dell diagnosed it as "mild IC" so I can't imagine the problems of more advanced IC. I continue to post because Dr. Dell encourages because so many don't know the opition of home instillations.
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                    Thank you for allowing me to share my experiences and offer support. Your physician is the only one to give you medical advice. I hope sharing the information from this site will help you and your physician develop successful management of your IC.
                    I post to encourage and offer total support for rescue instillations.
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                      Hi L, I've been posting since 1997. In 2000 they changed the software so everyone at that time started the numbering again. That year I moved to VT from South FL and because of the great distances here I can't get a group together and have to do support by phone and email. ICA people call me too since I am also on their list.

                      I don't know where I would place myself in the continuum. It's something about the bladder but now I don't know exactly what. My new uro as of last week is wondering and she is going to do a cysto next week - haven't had one since the original in 97 but this time it will be only in office and just a peek into my bladder. I am curious about what she sees. I have done home instills for many years and it really did help. I was even in what I thought was "remission" for a while, but maybe it was just acceptance. Dr. Dell sounds great! Glad to know there is so much more interest in IC now. If we could just get one of those SuperPac's to raise money for IC