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What is the point of this test

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  • What is the point of this test

    What is the point of Urodynamics testing?

    I had this done a few years ago and results said normal.
    I was due to get a cystoscopy but my pain subsided so I didnt get one.
    Now about 3 years later the pain is a lot worse and I have had a bout fo it that is lasting about 4 months really bad pain.
    It comes and goes but is mostly here. It gets worse when I am active. not moving seems to help.

    Anyway so the pain got worse so I am off to see the NHS specialist again and now I am due to go in for another urodynamics test. I dont want this, I dont see the point.
    I have pain that is a problem and always wanting to go. I have only had one or two times it feels like leakage and not much.
    I dont see the point of going through this urodynamics test!
    I want a cystoscopy.

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    what is the point of this test?

    Hi Midnight,
    I'm not sure why your doctors are wanting another urodynamics test, but I would say that if you are not comfortable with it, you probably should talk to your docs and ask them why, given your symtpoms, they want to do that test again.
    I had one of those a long time ago and my understanding(as I recall), was that the test measures pressures in the bladder and tells the doctors how hard it is for you to empty it.
    You might want to browse the forum and the net for more info. on urodynamics.
    Good luck,


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      Your body, your decision.

      If you are uncomfortable with the test being performed again say so to your doctor....or at the very least ask the doc to explain why this must be done when you have already had it done. I (due to personal reasons) and because I already had a cystoscopy performed chose to forgo this test. Was it the right choice? For me at the time it was....but I am not a doctor. Always remember you are the patient and are in control. Listen to what your doctor says and think on it. It's your body at the end of the day and if the doctor can give you a valid reason to have the test re-performed it will give you the information you need to make an informed decision.


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        Thank you for replying and helping.

        I saw a specialist finally today and she said NO i dont need another urodynamics test. The public health system had booked me in for one automactally without any doctors knowledge (great use of money but i am sure they have their reasons )
        Anyway so I don't need one!

        I am to start on some antibiotics that I have never tried before. She said sometimes there is a bug that people get, that does not show up on the lab tests, and it gets under the bladder lining.

        I am to take those antibiotics and also she booked me in for a cystopy, which if the pills work and the pain goes, I can cancel.

        SO thank Goodness no urodynamics. I really did not like that procedure and felt it was not really relevant to my symptoms anyway! As i only have pain and hardly any leakage.


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          I want to post about my doctor appointment and Interstim implant.

          I have been put on a 3 month waiting list for a trial Interstim. The specialist I saw tells me that not only will it help with my IC pain, he said it would help with my chronic pelvic pain, my back pain and help my bowels. He said i am a good candidate for the device.

          The doctor at the Pelvic Floor Center in Minneapolis tells me basically I have nerves that are miss-firing and they are sending messages of pain to my brain. He says that these nerves some how start sending the wrong message.

          I do not want to wait the 3 months if it will help me with all of these areas of pain.

          The doctor tells me my Burch or what he called 'a bladder vault suspension' is still intact. He doesnt want to go in and operate or remove the scar tissue. He says i am at the age where i should start menopause so when that happens the endometrosis will stop growing.

          I also had a bladder scope and the Dr. gave me some peridium s.p. to numb the bladder and an Rx of seems to help some.