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  • which scan??

    Hello every one it has been a while since I posted but I have other issues as well as IC to deal with if that in itself isn't enough...I don't think the two issues are related in any way but there might be a small link.....Does anyone know this please
    ....I am so very convinced my bladder isn't where it should fact I as so convinced on standing it drops (I can feel it drop into the vagina, at the very top. It hurts and only takes ten mins with gravity to give presure at the back of the clitoris..I get embarrased when I have to say this to the Docs, when I am examined nothing can be felt (maybe it retracts on laying flat).
    When I pass water it is not a straight feels like if you put your finger on a running tap to stop the water it comes down through two sides.and feels as though the urine doesn't have to come down from a usual place ...the water is exremley hot like nearly boiling and in the middle of the night with a full bladder I have to strain to start it coming.
    What scan could be done to see where the bladder is situated? bearing in mind it goes back laying down i WOULD SO APPRECIATE some kind of help with this please, has this happenned to anyone else? if so what did you do?
    thank you for listening

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    Has your doctor examined you while you are standing? That's how my gyn found my rectocele. The cystocele (protruding bladder) was easier to diagnose and I was laying flat for the exam.

    Both could be seen when I held a mirror and viewed it standing up.

    Stay safe

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      Sounds like you're dealing with some sort of prolapse (bladder, uterus, urethra, rectal). A gynecologist, urologist or gp could diagnose a prolapse, Its suggested that the patient be examined either while standing or while baring down (like when having a BM) as either position will cause the prolapse to show; unless the prolapse is severe its hard to diagnose when the patient is supine.
      Depending on the severity of the prolapse will determine the treatment. Treatment can include pelvic floor exercise, pessaries or surgery.

      Wishing you well.
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        Which scan

        Thank you for your replies and the bunnie, I have beenn through those just mentioned but nothing shows up. After the Hysterectomy I had in 2009 I had a Rectoceale repair..I wondered if there was a scan that I could suggest to help me out of this misery as they can't fix what they can't see...I just keep going round in circles..extremly in pain and so so depressed. thanks girls.I don't know which way to turn
        with love from Madi


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          a defecogram can also help, a BIT embarassing but shows the position of your bladder while peeing, and other organs while pooping too.


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            hello all
            nothing has beenm seen whilst doing those procedures it looks like i remain a mystery.
            love from madi


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              I want to post about my doctor appointment and Interstim implant.

              I have been put on a 3 month waiting list for a trial Interstim. The specialist I saw tells me that not only will it help with my IC pain, he said it would help with my chronic pelvic pain, my back pain and help my bowels. He said i am a good candidate for the device.

              The doctor at the Pelvic Floor Center in Minneapolis tells me basically I have nerves that are miss-firing and they are sending messages of pain to my brain. He says that these nerves some how start sending the wrong message.

              I do not want to wait the 3 months if it will help me with all of these areas of pain.

              The doctor tells me my Burch or what he called 'a bladder vault suspension' is still intact. He doesnt want to go in and operate or remove the scar tissue. He says i am at the age where i should start menopause so when that happens the endometrosis will stop growing.

              I also had a bladder scope and the Dr. gave me some peridium s.p. to numb the bladder and an Rx of seems to help some.


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                ChriNes understand that what I'm about to say is only in my view point. I have an interstim implant and I love it (first implanted in Jan. 2000). It reduced my bathroom trips almost in half (I was going about 32 times a day with 11 of them at night to 15-18 and night to 3-4 after the implant). As far as the pain it does not help me with that, I changed doctors recently and he told me that it is not suppose to help with the pain just the frequency. Now even with that being said I would do it all over again. I don't want you to think I'm being negative it might help with your pain and I wish you all the luck in the world with it.
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                Albuterol (asthma)
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