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3 Day Testing?

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  • Linda May
    You need to make a list of all the questions you want answered, have the doc explain them in complete detail. Alot of docs do this they don't tell the patient what thier for. I have always asked if they ever needed to do a test I would ask why. Alot of docs just treat us like cattle they want to see as many patients as possible. I hate to say it but its all about greed instead of care and understanding for the patient.

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  • Jinny Jean
    started a topic 3 Day Testing?

    3 Day Testing?

    Hey guys!

    So my doctor has orderd tests for me (that NO other dr has and why? Im not sure....) JEEZE I dislike drs. sometimes!!!!.. and these tests are being sent away...
    Anyway... I have to pee in a test cup with a lid each morning but the SECOND pee not the first for three consecutive days and after each time put it in the fridge. Then take the pee in to the dr. to be sent away. Does anyone know what this test is for? What they look for etc? I also have to fast tommorow night and get blood work done in the morning? Im not sure what it is all about since he called my mom last week and said he wanted to get this testing done asap.... so I never actually had an appt to see him.