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    wow I have never heard of a man going through a urodynamics test ? I just had one done as well.


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      Re: urodynamics

      Hi I had urodynamics in 2006 when all my problems with peeing kicked. I don't remember it being as bad as described by some here, tho the feeling of a catheter is not pleasant and it does depend on the size and gentleness, and experience of who is doing it.

      My bladdersymptoms flared badly recently. I found a new doc ..he has some ideas regarding my issue of bad urge frequency and hesitancy when I pee. His reputation is good. He wants to re do all the Uro-dynamics as its been a while..I get that, but my pain levels are different form 2006. I now have severe pain with sitting- Pudendal neuraglia --possibly, and Im trying to figure out if one of the meds used for that issue is causing my urinary symptoms etc.
      With this is mind, I can't have anyone putting electrodes near my painful anal/rectal area. This may only stir up the nerve pain! Plus the idea of starting up urethral pain in an area that's quiet ,,scares me. I'm in awful pain already and don't want more.
      However for this new doc to figure out how to help me must I go through this? He doesn't know my whole long history (he knows some) but there wasn't enough time in the appmt to go into it and he immediately requested this test..They did an ultrasound that day,and showed I am emptying my bladder..
      What do you guys think?
      thx so much !