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Urine Testing at Urology Appointment

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  • Urine Testing at Urology Appointment

    Hi everyone!

    I wrote my first post a couple of weeks ago re my issues. My Urology referral came in and was weeks away but on phoning up I managed to take a cancellation which was yesterday! I saw a very lovely nurse.

    I did not get a cytoscopy because I have had so many infections recently. I gave a urine sample, history and was checked for urine retention. All were clear.

    I wonder if any of you have experience with an Enterococcus infection in that it does not show on a dipstick test at all?

    My concern is this - a week after finishing my last lot of antibiotics I sent a sample for culture which came back negative. I am drinking loads of water and the sample was very dilute so I am now worried an infection could still be there but the sample wasn't concentrated enough. The nurse told me that if an infection was there it would grow regardless.

    The nurse also passed my urine through what she called 'a big machine', she said it was quite sophisticated but I'm wondering if this machine would just be checking what a dipstick would, therefore my infection would still not show up. Does anyone know what 'the big machine' checks? Does it actually check for bacteria too?

    If I could put my mind to rest about the infection then I could start to really focus on trying to heal my bladder.

    Thank you!