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Doctors diagnosed with CPPS but having a weird symptom can some one help?

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  • Doctors diagnosed with CPPS but having a weird symptom can some one help?

    Guys can anyone say what is pain with bladder filling because from last some days amgam a severe discomfort in urethral region and pennis region after 2-3 hours of urination.Does pain with bladder filling occur in supra pubic and bladder area or it can occur anywhere.I have a appointment with doctor in 2 days so anyone with experience can say actually pain during bladder filling occurs where?It will be help guys.
    I am normally urinating 3-4 times a day no nocturia no urgency only this symptom.Sometimes I urinate in 5-6 hours in a day I can sleep for 10 hours without urination.
    I have shown three urologist every one is saying it's chronic prostatitis. I am little worried for interstitial cystitis.Does this look like one and can you say me what exactly bladder pain during filling and mostly it occurs where?

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    The pain I have with interstitial cystitis feel like an EXTREME need to urinate. I have compared it to menstrual cramps, which I know isn't of any help to you. It's like having my bladder squeezed.

    I hope you have a real diagnosis soon; not knowing can be extremely frustrating.

    Stay safe

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      What do you think with my symptoms because I can hold urine for sometime 10-12 hours in sleep and 6-7 hours while awake the discomfort I am getting is always at urethra region and there is never an urgency and I feel better when I have mild urination sensation.What do you think all urologist I have shown saying it's confirm CPPS no chance of IC with these symptoms?