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  • NMChickenMama
    Oh gosh, sorry to hear what you're going through! I do hope the docs figure stuff out & get you helpful treatments!

    IC certainly can flare up from stress, hormones, food etc. Mine also gets angry due to sitting in hard chairs for too long or even from which pair of pants I have on! Sounds like you're a student. Could be combo of stress + lots of coffee + sitting at a desk. Definitely go with what Donna said- keep track of what's happening so you can go back & see if there's a pattern.

    Wishing you all the best!

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  • ICNDonna
    IC is a possibility, but not necessarily so. One thing you could do is keep a diary, noting time of day, everything that goes in your mouth, when you urinate and about how much (and appearance). It could be that your frequency is directly related to the diuretic qualities of things you are drinking --- coffee and tea can increase frequency --- and in someone with IC, can cause pain/discomfort.

    I hope you have a diagnosis soon --- not knowing is the worst time.


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  • tfromero
    started a topic ***!


    Hi everyone,

    So here is my story. Im 23 years old and I been getting yeast infections for the past 4 years. I go to the doctor constantly and I recently (FINALLY!) saw a gynecologist (this whole time I had been seeing an NP). I was diagnosed with cervical ectropion (Also known as cervical erosion. The opening of my cervix is raw, and the lining its out of place). The doctor will perform a procedure where he will burn off my cervix, fixing my problems. He said that my yeast infections happened because of this cervical ectropion. But here is where the interesting part comes in :P I been having bladder symptoms. I have only had peeing urgency 3 times in the past year. The first time it was right after finals which means I had been drinking tons of coffee, and I had also eaten tons of oranges. The second time I can't really relate it to anything and the third time (which happened this past week) I can't see a connection with any food either, except for caffeine but even that varies. I have never had a UTI, though the past two times the urgency happened they thought I had a UTI, and I treated me (it did help), but the results always came back negative. The third time the doctor thought I had a bladder infection, but I wasn't treated, instead I was given some pills to help with the symptoms (did help as well), but it wasn't an anti-biotic or anything like that. All I have ever had is the yeast infections.
    My symptoms consist of:
    -Peeing urgency and feeling like my bladder is about to burst.
    -I can hold it in & I can ignore it.
    -I dont have to rush to the bathroom immediately (this has happened very, very few times)
    -No pain when urinating, actually no pain at all, just discomfort.
    -I hardly ever wake up at night to use the restroom
    -The discomfort goes away as soon as I pee and it can come back after a few seconds, minutes, or not come back at all
    -Most of the time I pee a full amount. I can pee a full amount, and 10 minutes later I can pee a full amount as again. But I do have times when I pee very little. Right now I just went to the bathroom 3 times in less than an hour and all of them where full blown amounts of urine.
    -The more I try to empty my bladder, the more uncomfortable I feel
    -If I feel like I need to empty my bladder and I ignore it, my bladder keeps getting full and it actually makes me feel LESS uncomfortable. Makes me feel a lot better actually
    -It feels worse when i'm sitting
    -Most of the time the feeling lasts about a week. Even though this last one has been on and off for about 2 weeks.
    -My urine isn't murky or smelly or anything. It is either clear (like water), or just regular.
    -My periods don't make it worse
    -I can eat one food and nothing happens, eat the same food later and I get something.
    -I can eat chocolate, soda, chips all the bad stuff and nothing happens
    -The other day I had chai tea and about an hour later the symptoms where there for about half a day. The next day I had caffeinated tea again and nothing. Today I had a cappuccino and the symptoms are back (or at least I think they are. Might be all inside my head since im constantly searching for it).
    -No painful intercourse (any painful intercourse has been related to A) yeast infection B) the lining of my cervix which has been raw this whole time).

    I feel like I drink water and the water just goes directly to my bladder, and its almost like I can feel my bladder filling up. Its so weird and it makes me so depressed. I really don't want to have IC I have plenty of other bad things happening. I did mention this to the gynecologist and he said that it was most likely related to my cervical ectropion.

    Does this sound like IC to anyone? I know its extremely hard to tell, because everything is so similar to each other. Any input will be greatly appreciated from the bottom of my heart! Please feel free to ask any questions and i'm sorry for the long post. Just trying to provide as much information as possible.