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IC or something else? 39 year old male

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  • IC or something else? 39 year old male

    Hi All,

    April 18th 2022 was the last day of my life as I knew it. It began with frequency which I noticed but thought nothing of until it didn't go away. The frequency came with pain though it was pain in my urethral area in the penis or just above not in the bladder itself I think. Honestly I don't really remember if the pain is the normal pain of having to urinate or not. By day 4 or I went to urgent care but the infection test came back negative. The next week I saw a doctor and while awaiting results was given antibiotics which seemed to lessen symptoms for a day or two but then they came right back. The test came back positive for ureplasma which does not typically cause symptoms in people. I was given a different antibiotic for this to no effect. I'm already a bit of a high strung person and my nervousness and stress went into overdrive as symptoms got worse some days. I couldn't work often and my practice began to suffer. A CT scan without contrast came back negative. I was referred to another urologist who put me on Gemtesa and also mentioned IC which I'd never heard of along with OAB. Gemtesa didn't help and a peeing test I took implied disinergia though I was nervous during the test. My bladder was able to hold 500 ml of urine, though with quite bit of pain and it took me three trips to the bathroom to empty most of it. Stopped Gemtesa started Atarax & Rapaflo. Saw no benefit that I can correlate to those drugs. Have my years of eating anything sour and vinegary and drinking green tea and flavored sparkling waters more than actual water caught up with me? The strangest thing is I can find no direct correlation between any type of food and symptoms. I usually wait 20 minutes to 4 hours to see what happens. Sometimes one food seems like it triggers it and other times it does not. Sometimes it will happen after a meal but eating the same meal the next day will not cause it. Preleif neither helps nor hurts the situation. I took a vacation and had quite a painful flight over. After reading this thread and because of the food not correlation I began to think that I may not have IC after all and this stress relief seemed to lessen symptoms somewhat. I also tried to relax my pelvic floor and I am still not really good at this though it seems to help. Even alcohol had no negative effect. I know people can have IC with no food triggers from what I've heard. I haven't done a strict IC diet for more than a day at a time. For the last few days I've had somewhat less severe symptoms but still there. I also seem to have a slight burring in the perineum as well which wasn't there maybe due to trying to lower my pelvic floor.

    Some other items of note:
    At least a few months before maybe much lounger I noticed I would wake up in the morning and urinate at maybe 7 am and then again at 8 am though I thought little of it at the time. And I could go a long time without going in the day.
    Currently some nights I wake up two or three times to use the restroom other nights its much more often and I cannot fall back asleep.
    Sex is normal and seems to reduce symptoms.
    I had recently significantly lowered my Flonase dose about 1 month or so prior also my sinus or nasil passages had been tightening periodically in April a week or two before the this started, I've had nasal polyps in the past but this felt different
    Pain doesn't seem to be in the bladder, when I have to pee I feel pain in the uretha in the penis and I can't remember if this is normal or not at this point.
    I've been doing stretches' the last few days in case I have a hypertonic pelvic floor I'm in okay shape but not very limber.

    How could all this start so suddenly?
    What should I ask my doctor at the next appointment?
    Do I have IC?

    The possible culprits?
    IC ?
    Hypertonic Pelvic Floor?
    Cancer/enlarged prostate - very unlikely
    Kidney stone - no
    UTI - no

    Sorry for the long post but I wanted to be through. What else am I missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.