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Doctor Suspects IC?

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  • Doctor Suspects IC?

    Hi! I'm new and need some help. My gyn tossed out IC as a possibility but we haven't started any testing. I've been having a burning feeling from my vaginal area for about a month. My doctor finally pinpointed it as coming from my urethra. A urethral culture was negative; as well as negative cultures for vaginal yeast and fungus. I don't have urgency, frequency, or burning when I urinate, or pelvic pain. Just this burning around my urethra (it is uncomfortable to sit). Could this be IC? It just doesn't sound like the usual symptoms. I appreciate any input.

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    Hmmm I don't know if that's IC. That sounds like it could be a urethral syndrome maybe? Got me stumped, hopefully someone will have an idea for you or maybe someone has the same symptoms. Just as long as it gets corrected though, right?

    Good luck,
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      I couldnt tell you if it was ic or not.. but I do agree with jess... good luck and let us know
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        Hi and welcome to the boards. Id on't know if it is ic or not. Have you made an appointment to see an urologist? Maybe it could be urtheral syndorme. sorry that I can't be of more of any help.
        Hang in there , There is hope.
        There is hope. Prayer works.

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          Welcome to the boards!!! I don't if that is IC or not either but I would not be too thrilled with a doc that dismissed the possibility of it without testing it because so many of us have different symptoms. I would not be surprized to find out that there are a few that have your symptom as their first or main symptom too so I would want to be tested, even though too me it does sound like something else.....when you run out of possibilities IC should still be there if you haven't been tested for it. Good luck on finding an answer.

          I so hate not knowing what is causing a symptom that I have and feel for your struggle. grouphug
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            Welcome to the ICN.
            I'm with the other gal's here I don't know either.
            but i wish you luck in finding your answers and I pray it isn't ic
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