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second doctor visit today and im thinking

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  • second doctor visit today and im thinking

    Hi All, i have not posted much but i still come on and read the boards. I havebeen handling my bladder pretty well lately. My first visit with Dr moldwin was when he tended to beleive i had a mild case of PFD. I was given macrobid and told to follow some directions to ease PFD. My symptoms are so scarce and light that he did not feel the need to be aggressive at all. Basically, it was a wait and see approach. Well, i went back to see him today for follow up. I needed a flow test done and i came to office with a VERY full full i was crying and could not even speak!! I was given the flow test....i emptied every drop from my bladder amounting to 1000cc's. Doctor was amazed i was even able to walk at that point! Anyway, it's nice that i have a large bladder capacity but i am in some discomfort this evening from that pressure on my bladder today. So now here is my thoughts...i showed Dr moldwin my bladder journal showing all the normal days and symptomatic days between 12/8 and today! I only had one frequency day and i noticed it was after i took centrum vitamins. The other days were all slight tenderness but usually following days i consumed wine. I am convinced at this point that my bladder is sensitive to certain foods and drink. I take prelief. I am still lingering in the thoughts that this is early IC. Dr says i am too mild to begin any treatment and he even mentioned Valium and be used at some further point if my conditions persist. He does not think he needs to be so drastic at this point especially since i am comfortable and not in any pain. next visit is April 14th. I will continue to keep my log and monitor my symptoms with my eating and drinking patterns. What do you think of this? He has not mentioned any invasive testing at this point. Beleive me, i am not second guessing his theory on my conditions at all!! Am i being naive in thinking it is not IC or could it be so mild a case that i will just have to deal with it for now. P.S. Dr knows i am extrememly hesistant about any meds so be is very slow with me. He is great that way. I do love this man! Give me your input. Thanks.
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    Peace, Donna

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    Just from what I have read of Dr. Moldwin and what I heard from him when he spoke at the Conference - I would really trust him on this. Not that he couldn't be wrong, but he is one of the best and you are in such good hands. I would feel very confident taking his word.

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      I agree with Kim. Dr. Moldwin has a very good reputation and I would trust his judgement.

      Sending an encouraging hug,
      Stay safe

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        I agree with Kim and Donna. Just trust the dr and take him at his word. He knows what he is talking about. Hope you feel better soon.
        Hang in there , There is hope.
        There is hope. Prayer works.

        Love, Debbie