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    I have symptoms of infections but no infections. I have seen a urologist who did a cystoscopy and urethral dilation. He said everything was normal. I have read that the cystoscopy should be done under anesthesia and mine was not. Is it possible that if it had been done under anesthesia it would have shown interstitial cystitis? I'm very frustrated and sick of thinking I have an infection. I have burning when I need to urinate, while I am going, and for awhile after going. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm glad you found the IC Network. You'll find a lot of information and support here. I suggest you read the information in the Patient Handbook on symptoms and diagnosis. You'll find the handbook at

    It's not unusual for an IC bladder to look normal and healthy in an office cysto. It's when the bladder is distended (stretched) under anesthesia that the IC becomes apparent.

    If your symptoms don't improve, I suggest you see your doctor again --- and you might ask about the possibility of IC.

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      It seems that you are very frustrated with your doctor at the moment. Talk to your doctor on that you might suspect that you have IC. Give him or her detailed symptoms, as much as you can. Most people will tell you that they had to keep trying and trying for many years to get diagnosed. I know I did. I had to practically result to tears in my gynos office before anyone would take me seriously. I also have endometriosis and I read somewhere that the two could possibly be related to each other. I have found from chatting with other IC'rs that many women have Endo and IC. So I was right! So my talk with my gyno eventually got me sent down to southern Canada to a bigger city where there Urologists to get tested and diagnosed. Please don't give up! grouphug

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        Would you consider going to another urologist for a second opinion. The first uro I brought my daughter (6 yrs old)to said she had a viral UTI (For 9 months and peeing huge blood clots, and peeing 3-6 times an hour?!) I could not accept that answer and as soon as I brought her to the new uro he was looking for a real answer. I felt so much better, even though I was dissapointed that she was diagnosed with IC at least we knew what was wrong and how to help her feel better. Maybe you can get a referal from someone here for a urologist in your area. I hope you find relief and answers soon.


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          Hi there, they do inoffice cystos all the time. A hydrodenstion and cystoscopy is done in the hospital under sedation, that is the tru way to determine IC>. Also did he say why he did urethral dilation (other wise know as urethal rape)... I would consider looking into finding another uro too. keep us posted
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            Your doc may have been trying to rule out some "simpler" problems first. I would go back to him and ask what the next step would be since the procedure didn't determine the source of your discomfort. Ask him what else he could do to rule out IC since a cystoscopy doesn't typically rule it out.

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