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  • ICNDonna
    It sounds like you may have a bladder prolapse, which can be repaired with surgery. If your condition is causing you to not completely empty your bladder, it can result in repeated infections.

    I encourage you to work with your doctor to resolve this problem.

    Sending healing thoughts,

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  • dlight
    started a topic Looking for some expert advice

    Looking for some expert advice

    I have been having some of the symptoms that I have read about here for some time - It just recently got to the point where I can't stand it anymore. While doing a pelvic exam today my doctor said that I am a stage 2 (as far as how much my bladder and other parts have dropped) She said that she could clearly see my bladder during the exam and that there was a medium sized pocket on the back side of it. I have been looking all night trying to find some information on this "pocket", but can't find anything - is this something common with IC? She also took blood and urine - there was blood in the urine - she said she was gonna do some tests on the blood to find out the counts?? I am scared and any comments that anyone has would be greatly appreciated..