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Running is not supposed to be good for IC folks -

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  • Running is not supposed to be good for IC folks -

    but I wonder why that is?
    They generally recommend some mild exercise like walking or swimming but running is a "no no."
    Is it because there is too much repetitive action of the "up and down" variety yet why does that upset the bladder?

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    My guess would be that running, or any high impact exercise, would jar the bladder and cause discomfort and pain.
    I cant think of any other reason running would be a problem.

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      Actually I've been reading some information recently that indicates that running isn't healthy for anybody because it puts extra pressure on the joints.

      For someone with IC, it's because that every time a foot hits the ground, it shakes the bladder that's already sore from IC.

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        I remember as a child I could not run for long because my side would start hurting. Now you mention about running I wonder if this was the beginning of IC. Maybe not but can't help from wondering about it.



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          Thanks for the responses!
          The last time I tried to really run (and I was doing it for 25 years) I got a bad case of pelvic pain so I had to quit. On the way home - the pain went away so I have been afraid to do it ever since but I sure miss it as it was a huge part of my life.


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            Running can definately cause some problems. My knees are shot from almost three decades of long-distance running. I loved running, but can't do it anymore because my knees won't cooperate.

            Trishann, the pain in your side you felt was most likely a cramping of your diaphragm. It's very common in people who do not run often, who are pushing themselves to run when they are not acclimated to running. It's called a "side stitch" by some people. It's not related to IC.



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              Lori, thanks, you probably are right. It was when I was in elementary school and they made you run so far for gym. I end up slowing really down in the middle of it. The side ache would get to me. I loved running too, just couldn't do it.



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                Hmm, interesting question. I have read that regular, moderate exercise, especially cardio, is supposed to be good for people with chronic illnesses. If that's the case, I don't get why running wouldn't be recommended for people with IC...?

                It's true, though, that running is bad thing to do while you're in pain. From my experience, working out during a flare will make it a lot worse. That's what happened to me in gym class every day during my sophomore year. I would already be in pain when I walked in, but by the time the class was over, it would be much worse. Too bad my uro refused to write me a note

                I guess my theory is that, once the IC calms down to the point where you either have mild symptoms or only occasionally experience flares, you could probably get all the positive effects of excerise without hurting your bladder. And, if IC really is an autoimmune disorder, like I suspect, the endorphin release might help, too.

                Good discussion, guys. Hugs

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                  I was an AVID runner not too many years ago. I haven't run much since all my physical problems have started, including IC, because it really hurts too much. What used to be fun and an endorphin rush is now misery. It's a shame...I used to run with my dog back then and he was much healthier then too! And about 20lbs lighter, that goes for both of us! Now a good, swift walk through the neighborhood is what's best for us.
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                    Gee, so many of you are ex-runners!
                    I sometimes harbor some anger towards running (maybe irrationally so) as a cause of my bladder problems somehow as the very first symptoms I ever had manifested themselves after some hard, hot runs last summer.
                    We would run 5 fast miles and walk 5 more miles home and -after the first endorphin rush I would begin to get sharp "knitting needle" pains in my urethra. I never had any problems in that area before and I found them quite shocking. Then began the urge to go without having to do anything much - then the frequency and, finally the pelvic pain. The worst of my experiences were last summer -like July and August - right in the middle of TRYING to sell our condo and when we did rush rush to find a place to move - and effect the move of 2 tons of stuff - the whole thing was a new definition of stress for me!


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                      I havn't had a problem with running and my IC. I run a mile twice a week (on the tred or eliptical) at physical therapy. Running doesn't seem to bother me that much unless there is liquid in my bladder (that is fixed by going to the bathrrom--even if it's a little bit). The only issue I have with it is my knees. The left one is shot from a snowboarding injury and te right has some sort of degeneration (never was given a name for it though).

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