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Are "painful bladder syndrome" and IC exactly

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  • Are "painful bladder syndrome" and IC exactly

    the same thing or is the first term a little more all-encompassing involving the whole notion of the "inflamed bladder?"

    Is it possible to have PBS and not IC?

    Thanks for any input.

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    yes it is possible to have one without the other. I beleive they are 2 different things.
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      I'm wondering if any of the uros in the states are calling in PBS after all the discussion of changing the name IC to PBS?


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        They are two different names for the exact same disease. That is why you will see it written IC/PBS often - because doctors are trying to get people (and themselves) used to the new name.

        Interstitial Cystitis is the old name for our disease; now they are changing the name (have changed the name actually) to Painful Bladder Syndrome. What is frustrating, too, is that they are going to change the name once again, to Bladder Pain Syndrome. So it is going to be very very confusing!

        And to top it all off, a whole bunch of doctors are not even aware the name has changed, and are still calling it IC!

        It's very, very confusing.



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          It hasn't been officially changed yet. One of the reasons for wanting to make a change is the cystitis is a urinary tract infection, which can make the name interstitial cystitis sound like it's "just an infection."

          My own opinion is that it will take time to make the change.

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            ok I was thinking it was 2 different diseases. After calling it IC for over 30 years, it will take some time to get use to calling IC PBS. I agree that getting away from the cystitis name is a great idea.
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              After I posted this question I found on WebMD that they said that PBS is a dx for people who don't strictly meet the defined criteria set out for IC. I'm still rather confused but I guess they ARE two separate conditions.


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                Wow, thanks, Izazen! Sheesh. It's so weird, because I've also read they are going to drop the IC name and go by PBS eventually. So eventually there will just be PBS and no IC. Does that mean they are just broadening the category to include IC and all the cases that act like IC but don't meet the strict IC diagnostic criteria?

                All I know is, I wish they'd come up with a cure for this or at least a really good remedy - I don't care what they call it, they could call it the screaming blue meemees for all I care, just fix it already.