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Water and Urinating

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  • Water and Urinating

    I recently (3 weeks ago) switched to drinking water only (some coffee in the morning too) but in comparison to what I used to drink, it's a 110% improvement.

    I'm curious, has anyone else noticed that when they drink more water they urinate more? It sounds like a silly question that seems to have a common sense answer due to dehydration, etc..... but I'm wondering what everyone else's take is and if they have any facts on the subject.

    Diagnosed with IBS in 2001 after colonoscopy
    Undiagnosed IC
    Symptoms started 04/06 and have been off and on
    Diagnosed with frequent UTI's, but still trying to figure out if that's accurate.

    Current medications:

    Urised, 2 tablets four times a day as needed
    Effexor, 75 mg a day
    Ambien, 12.5 mg at night as needed
    Multi-vitamin as a daily supplement

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    yes, that definitely happens to me. I asked a nutritionist once, and she said it was because there aren't really electrolytes in water. Electrolytes is what your body needs to absorb when its dehydrated. Gatorade (generally) is better. Not for us though, sad sad sad. I drink pedialite when dehydrated.


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      I definitely urinate more when I drink more. The reason I drink lots is to keep my urine from becoming concentrated, which is more irritating.

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        Yes, I do pass more urine when I drink more water.
        However I seem to be able to hold it in longer because
        the urine isn't as concentrated and irritating when I'm
        well hydrated.

        I also have worked on 'holding protocol' for gentle,
        natural bladder 'stretching'.
        I don't think everyone can do this, but it is working
        OK for me so far.


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          I definitely agree with Donna and peppersalt. I urinate alot because of the water but not as bad as if I don't drink the water. Without the water the bladder gets more irritated and then in return you will feel the pressure to urinate more.

          Hugs, Trishann


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            I drink alot of water each day also, like 2 to 3 liters a day. Some days I will pee alot, but then others I wont pee nearly as much even though I drank alot of water. Is this normal? I read somewhere that we are suppose to pee out the exact amount we put in, but my hubby said that is not true, that we only pee out a percentage of what we drink because our body uses alot of the water.
            I have been keeping a diary of my fluid intake and my urine output, and I drink alot everyday to keep my urine diluted as well. But like yesterday for instance, I drank about 135 ounces all day, and I peed about 109 ounces. That leaves like over 20 ounces unaccounted for. I dont hardly ever sweat(I actually am cold all the time) so it cant be going there. I was thinking there was either something up with my kidneys or that I am not emptying my bladder all the time. I really dont know though. Maybe we are not suppose to pee out everything we put in. Anyone else keep a diary and have less come out than they drank throughout the day?


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              Jen, I really don't see how its possible to urinate the same amount you drink. I mean you lose fluids when you sweat through your skin and also from your feet when they sweat. Your body have to have so much water in you in order to survive. Your cells and all have to be replenish.

              I don't think this is really a problem unless you are getting swelling around your ankles and stuff, causing retention. Or if your bladder is not emptying properly.

              But it is good about the dairy then you can show it to your doctor. Your doctor should be able to tell you if this situation will be a problem for you.

              Sending hugs, Trishann


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                Hi Trishann,
                I guess that makes sense. I do feel like I dont empty my bladder completely at times though. I will go pee and maybe only get out a few ounces and I still feel like I have some left in there. I went to my urogyne and the nurse checked my post void residual and at that time it was ok. It happens at different times. ALso, I can pee and feel like I got it all out, get up and then it feels like there is still pee in there, and I can wait like 10 minutes and pee somemore, maybe like 3 to 4 ounces.

                It is pretty uncomforable when it happens. I know they have urodynamics testing, but that test is only good if it is happening during the test. That is what sucks. And that test is VERY expensive and my insurance deductible is high. I would hate to take a test that turns out inconclusive. I have had other tests that have turned out that way. I had that gastric emptying test before and the day it was scheduled, I happen to have a good day. My GI doc said that it is like that with tests and they can be inconclusive.
                I bought myself these catheters so that maybe I could check myself when I get these feelings that I dont empty so I can see at that time if I am retaining actually. I have no clue how to self-cath though, but read that it is not hard to do at all. I am not sure if I could muster the courage to do it,but I know my hubby would help me. I know how to make everything sterile, but my worry is getting the cath in correctly without hurting myself. I know that there are kids out there that actually can self cath themselves, and kids that are as young as 6 and 7 years old. So it cant be that hard I would think. But I am a big chicken though.
                Thanks for responding.


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                  Jen I can understand the frustration of all of this stuff. I just wonder what your doctor said about your bladder. Did the doctor tell you if you have a mild, moderate or severe case of IC? Have you had a cystoscopy and Hydrodistention done? I do know if you have inflammation more that can causes you to urinate more.

                  Sounds like pressure in your bladder. The pressure feeling is awlful. You will urinate and then few minutes later you have to go again. I wish your doctor knew the condition of the bladder. I urinate alot because my bladder don't expand, but the pressure you are talking about usually is trigger by something.

                  I want to encourage you not to self cath. yourself without your doctor permission. If the doctor see fit that you should self cath., the doctor or nurse will show you how to do it. But I urge you not to do it on your own, please.

                  When you do see your doctor tell her/him about the pressure. Sometimes different medicine can help it, if you don't have uti then its antibotic.

                  Hope you start feeling better soon,
                  Hugs, Trishann


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                    Seems to me that I heard somewhere that the reason you tend to go more when you drink water is because it is "flushing things out" (toxins, I guess) of your body. I do the same thing when I drink more water. If I know I am going to be going someplace later that evening I try to not drink so much water, but then again, I am still drinking the caffeine which is not helping me.


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                      Jen remember to check out the Pelvic Floor Disorder in Romance and Sex forum.

                      Hugs, Trishann