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  • I may have PFD

    Hello. I'm a 48 yr old male w/urinary problems. I stumbled across this site doing a search on prostate problems. I do not have insurance so I have to find out what I can on my own. After reading about it, I believe I may have PFD, in addition to some prostate problems. About 6 yrs ago when I had a job w/insurance I went to a urologist because I was having to urinate too much. I had a good PSA and did not have BPH. He said I wasn't emptying out my bladder completely and prescribed Hytrin (or some variation) which helped a lot. I now buy it over the internet. However over the last year it has been less and less beneficial and I'm now have terrible problems w/urination. When it's at its worst I pretty much have to urinate all the time. These are some of the symptoms I've noticed over this past year. I became aware of these before I ever even knew about PFD, which I just found out about today, here.

    When I urinate it feels like my rectum/anus/perrinium (that whole area) are tightening up. Many times as I try to urinate it feels like I have to pass gas, and it becomes like a tug-of-war between urinating and passing gas. If I do pass gas I have to wait a couple of minutes before I even can try to pee again. And it pretty much always feels as if my rectum is "bearing down", as when one has a bowel movement.

    I do have some constipation problems, though not severe. If I haven't made a bowel movement it's more difficult, sometimes impossible to urinate and it does seem better after a bowel movement.

    I feel "bloated" in my lower stomach area. Maybe excess gas? Could this be putting pressure on my bladder, contributing to the incessant need to urinate?

    I don't have any pain but my whole groin area feels "strained" and tender, a bit sore sometimes. Also, it feels more sore during sexual arousal. Sexual arousal and sex make my urination problem worse.

    The severity of the problem varies from day to day, sometimes w/in a day it will be somewhat better or much worse. In the last year it's gotten much worse, especially over the last few months. If it keeps on at this rate at some point in the near future I'm just going to end up having to go the emergency room because I won't be able to urinate at all.

    Needless to say this has messed up my life pretty good. The worst thing is I can't sleep. I'm absolutely exhausted all the time.


    Does this sound like some of the symptoms of PFD?

    What things can I do on my own to help?

    Are there specific physical exercises that will help relax and get control of these PFD areas? Also, can someone point me to some kind of diagram of the physiology of that area, so I might have a better understanding of what's happening and what I need to exercise/relax?

    Are there over-the-counter medicines that will help?

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated,

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    I am sorry to hear you are experiencing this. It sounds to me like you may have PFD. I myself think I may and I am going to go to a physical therapist to get it checked out. I too don't have health insurance, but the state I live in offers low income insurance. It is worth checking out. You usually need to be referred by a doctor first to get it covered with a PT who can do various exercises and massages to help you.

    Here is a site with PTs specializing in PFD.

    If you call someone they may be able to talk over the phone with you and tell you if you have it. Good luck!


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      Is it possible to get PFD from a fall? I had a fall on ice a year or so ago, and basically did the "involuntary" splits because of it. I was in agony for months!


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        Hi HC.
        Sorry you are having these awful issues. It sounds like you may have PFD as your symptoms sound like it. I am guessing the uro checked your prostrate to see if it was swollen? That can cause the symptoms you are having also.
        Have you tried using a heating pad or warm baths to help relax the muscles? Maybe that would help some with relaxing those muscles and maybe you would be able to pee better. Also there is a med called ativan that is like a relaxant and could possibly help with relaxing the pelvic floor.
        I hope you get some relief soon. I know it is awful not being able to pee and having to go all the time. I pray you get some relief soon.


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          Yes, from what I was told from a chiropractor it is possible to get PFD from a fall, especially if it injured your pelvic bone, maybe even your hips.