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  • Best doctors and clinics?

    Hi, everyone. This is a great board, and I've learned a lot just by lurking a bit. I have not yet been diagnosed with IC. My urologist is still of the opinion that my bladder problems (frequency and mystery burning and pain at times), which began four months ago, could still be temporary, that perhaps some unknown "insult to the bladder" stirred it up and that eventually, with time and some meds, it might return to it's pre-insult state. I'd like to think this is a I too optimistic? Presently, I'm taking Ditropan XL, Singulair, and Zyrtec daily with Pyridium and Ibuprofen thrown in when the burning/frequency get out of hand. I had a CT scan with dye and a cystoscopy with hydro-distension and neither test revealed any discernible abnormalities of my bladder. My doctor has said that he will prescribe Elmiron if I'd like to take it, but he cautioned me that it does not work for everyone and said that since my bladder has no signs of IC that Elmiron's ability to coat the bladder might be of limited use to me, that perhaps my bladder will not respond to that treatment. While my doctor has not encouraged me to see a specialist, he has told me that it might not be a bad idea to see someone else, as he primarily works with bladder stone and prostate cancer patients. I have also heard that some people can control mild-ish cases of IC through diet and intermittent use of drugs. I'd love to be one of those people, but my big question for all of you is: who and what are the best IC/PBS doctors and clinics in the country? I live in Georgia, so, naturally, I'm interested in more local options, but I'm also willing and able to travel to get the best care. I am not unhappy with my present doctor at all, but I wonder if seeing a true expert might be a good idea. I'd love to know anything you can tell me!

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    good doctors for IC

    HI there,

    The ICN site has lists of drs in your state that treat IC. Dr. Robert Moore is supposed to be at the largest IC Centre in Atlanta. Here is the link to the site:

    I was diagnosed by way of the Potassium Sensitivity Test (along with symptoms and history). For diagnosis, I think this test is supposed to be done before you have been taking Elmiron.

    If you click on my other postings (Kathy in Canada) you will see info regarding the PUF test (screening test for IC) and links to some good articles on the ICN regarding diagnosis and managment of IC.

    If you don't think your doctor is current (or is interested) in IC treatment/diagnosis, I would suggest you switch to one that is. The quality of your life depends on it.

    The IC diet helps a lot. If you are not on it yet, you can find it under the site map on this site.

    Good luck,