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new here, Q about urethra sensations

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    anti spasmodics

    You might want to ask your doctor about different anti-spasmodics. Pyridium is only meant for short term use and it didn't work at all for me. I would ask about prosed, urelle or utira-c. They turn your urine blue. They sanitize the urine and calm down that sensation of urgency and frequency. It helps alot with urethral pain and spasms. I have been on utira-c for over two years now. Your doctor should have free samples for you to try. Also, don't let them talk you into over active bladder meds. If you have an actual diagnosis of IC, OAB's don't tend to work well for that. Stuff like vesicare, detrol, enablex, sanctura, etc just don't seem strong enough. Ditropan xl worked great for me, but I saw someone else posted about it. Another thing lots of people on this site use is Elavil. It is a low dose anti-depressent. It didn't so anything for me, but many on this site swear by it. Especially at night. It does make you drowsy. Another thing is look into antihistimines. I used to use atarax each night. 10 mg of Atarax (generic) and 2 mg valium (generic) worked wonders for me to sleep at night. I don't think it helped so much with the urethral stuff, but at least I was able to sleep again. Hope this helps. Good luck to you.