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This Sounds Like Me!!!

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  • Julie B
    It is strange feeling of relief when you read something like that (or something on here) and you realize you aren't alone. As frustrating as it can be to have a chronic illness, I have to be thankful that I was diagnosed just before we got the internet in our house. It was almost impossible to explain to people what I was going through (mostly because it is bodilyl fluid talk).

    Hopefully, one way or another, you will get a diagnosis.

    Gentle Hugs,

    Julie B

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  • born2swim
    started a topic This Sounds Like Me!!!

    This Sounds Like Me!!!

    This link... the person sounds EXACTLY like me! I spend so much time online, trying to find others that feel this constant, nagging need to pee... but the pain only really happens with my period.

    I am on Elmiron... just over 1 week now... and I do feel a tiny bit better. Is is a fluke, less fluid intake... or is the med working... We'll see! I see a uro-gyno PA next week that specializes in IC (this doctor is in high demand and has a long wait list, but they got me in ASAP due to the duration of my symptoms and need to pee without any clinical findings as of yet)... hopefully they will finally give me a diagnosis!.:woohoo: