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What is done when they do a cysto?

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  • What is done when they do a cysto?

    I am a bit confused with what happens when they do a cysto? Do some cystos require you to be under while other types of cystos you are awake for?

    When they do a cysto, do they do the hydro-distention? the potassium sensitivity test? or do they just look around? Can they do all of the test at one time, in one cysto to get it over with?

    After the cysto is done, is there generally an inflamation or irritated urethra? It seems like if they are shoving something up the urethra and one is already sensitive in that area, than for a day or so, if not more, things would be more aggitated down there.

    If my uro agrees to do a cysto, is there anything I should ask of him or request to be done or looked at?

    What should I expect with this procedure?

    Thank you all for your replies and support! I am new here as well and dont have anyone to talk to about this that understands. I try to talk to people and they think I am just having some sort of bladder infection that will go away.

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    When I had my 1st cysto done I had a bad dr... I was awake and they filled my bladder up with water a little to look around the bladder. Afterwards my urethra was so swollen he had to give me urelle to make the pain stop. I had the hydrodistension under anesthesia done in oct. 06. It was kinda scary b/c I've never been under anesthesia and that is what scared me. They put you under b/c they blow up your bladder with so much water that it's painful. when I woke up they had already given me medicine and numbed my bladder. I sat in a room for about a half hour after sipping juice and eating crackers untill I was aware of what was going on. I'm not going to lie it hurt so bad afterwards. I was scared I was going to pee my pants on the way home. My friend was yelling at me and joking that I should wear a diaper so I wouldnt pee in her car. The dr gave me codine after the test. I went home a fell asleep. The tests are very good to have. Some people actually feel better after the hydro. Everyone is different. I hope everything goes well! ((hugs))

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      The Patient Handbook at has good explanations of both procedures.

      Stay safe

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