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Had Potassium test today (negative)

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  • Had Potassium test today (negative)

    I had the potassium sensitivity test today. It was done by my gyn. It came out negative. The gyn concluded that I dont have IC. So I am happy about that, but stressed that they still dont know whats wrong, and all my symptoms are like IC.

    They used an infant feeding tube instead of a cath. I didnt feel a thing! the infant feeding tube is the size of a piece of angel hair pasta. It does the same thing as the cath, but much much smaller.

    so they emptied my bladder, filled it with a saline wash, emptied it again, filled it with the Potassium solution where I felt no burning, no pain, no discomfort, then they emptied that, rinsed it out with the saline again, and then i voided the rest out to see if any burned coming out of the urethra. no burning other than the leftover mild discomfort from the mini cath/feeding tube they had in there.

    So the gyn, did blood work to test my hormone levels because she said hormone levels can cause weird symptoms down there as well.

    In the meantime I have my Cysto scheduled for next wed. So I will see what that turns up.

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    I think that's great! Aren't you relieved?:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:


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      Don't fret...Endo and PFD can mimic IC as well as lymes. I hope that whatever it is is mild and correctable-like mild endo, they can remove that surgically. IC is misrable and theres no cure I hope your cysto comes out ok as well.

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