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Some Questions and Coffee Question???

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  • born2swim
    Well, I only have frequency/urgency... but when I run or when my period hits I'm in excruciating pain. My urogyno is saying if the IC meds don't help by July he'll want to explore for endometriosis. He is more confident in an IC diagnosis, but he also said I could have some endo and IC. My cystoscope was normal but the Potassium Sensitivity Test was strongly positive for IC. So... if I don't have endometriosis and my problem is IC, then my biggest problem is frequency/urgency. OAB meds didn't do a thing at all. You could try to see if Elavil and/or Atarax will help (prescriptions).

    Coffee. I'm afraid to try it. People say that it is a huge trigger. I drink water or milk. That's all in terms of beverages because juice and tea are supposed to be problematic too.

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  • RobinD
    Sorry you are having problems and hopefully you don't have IC. To answer your question I have frequency, urgency, pressure and pain. I don't know enought about IC to know if you can only have a few of the symptoms. I was only diagnosed last Nov so I can't be much help there. I have not been drinking any caffene or decaf anything. I only drink water, milk, and have slowly been trying a few drinks and see how I do. I tried low acid orange juice, fruit punch gaterade, V-8 splash peach mango. So far I can have these. I do take a prelief before and only drink 1/2 of glass. I don't know but I would think you might try not drinking anything with caffene and see how you do. It might help your frequency. Also you could try AZO pills and see if that helps. It certainly has helped me.

    Let us all know how you are doing.

    Take care

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  • mom2angels97
    started a topic Some Questions and Coffee Question???

    Some Questions and Coffee Question???

    I have not been diagnosed yet.

    But, as long as I can remember I have been going to the bathroom more than others. I have not had any bladder pain.

    I have been on 4 different types of OAB meds. Currently on Enablex 15mg., I think this is only helping me at night. I only wake up once. Where I used to wake up 3 times a night.

    My main symptoms are frequency and urgency. My uro doesn't seem to think I have IC, due to no bladder pain. Have not had a cysto yet. Anyway the last couple of days my frequency was bad and some slight burning in the vagina area. Went for urine culture and it was negative. They sent it to lab still waiting for results. Does any one here have ic with just frequency and urgency symptoms??

    My question about coffee. I have to have my cup of coffee in the morning. Used to have 2 cups and one in the afternoon. I basically now just have an 1/2 of cup in the morning and have giving up diet coke and just try to drink water the rest of the day. Do you think coffee is still a culprit?? For those who have giving up coffee, what do you drink instead?? Everyone here is so supportive. I have been reading posts to get some ideas.
    Any help appreciated.
    Thank you.