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Cranberry juice, scared?

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    cranberry juice is the same as acid for me...actually i would be better off drinking acid. cranberry juice is the reason I was finally diagnosed with IC. I was getting so sick from my diet and I thought I was actually helping myself. I was drinking cranberry juice, seltzer and coffee all day/night long. I was eating tons of yogurt, and taking multi vitamins. When I got the IC diet I realized I was overdosing on everything that is terrible for me. I always loved cranberry juice but I am terrified of it now. I was told by a doctor, every vitamin I need is in my kitchen cabinet....basically if I eat good balanced meals I won't need vitamins. I'm not 100% on board with that but I am also afraid to take any vitamins. I'm just very grateful I was finally diagnosed. I feel blessed that I actually found a Urologist who knew what she was doing and diagnosed me right away. It took 8 doctors visits in 3 months to find out what was wrong and now I feel like I'm in charge again
    Diagnosed May 2007
    Currently Taking:
    Urelle as needed for urgency/burning
    Elmiron 100 mg 2x a day
    Omacor 1 gm. 1x a day (to lower my Triglycerides)
    Lipitor 10 mg.

    almost forgot.....I'm ing for a miracle all day long ......