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What IS THIS and What Helps? :(

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  • What IS THIS and What Helps? :(

    Hi everyone, I haven't been on the boards for a couple years, when I was on at that time it seemed no one had the same symptoms as me so I was thinking maybe IC is not what i have. Now reading some posts I feel maybe it is a form of IC.
    I only have urethral pain. I also have chills with the pain and it's not a "burning" more of just a strange pain that lasts about 10-20 minutes after I use the restroom, and also sometimes throughout the day at various times. It isn't constant though, sometimes it happens when I urinate and sometimes it doesn't. I tend to know when I will have the pain after urination, which causes me to hold my urine because the more I have the urge to "go" the more likely I am to not have pain once I do go. Once I have the pain after urination, later on I will start to have more pain throughout the day, and not just after urination. That lasts until I urinate again without having the pain. (Am I making sense? It's so hard to explain! lol)
    I have frequency as well. The pain is also more frequent for me when I am going to start my period. (a week or two before)

    Does anyone seem to have symptoms similar to mine?
    I was just reading about MSM gel. What is that? I'm not familiar with any of the newer treatments, but my pain has been so bad and more frequent lately -- I really need to find something that helps.