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Doc appointment Jan 12th-- Will we finally figure out if I have IC or not??

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  • Doc appointment Jan 12th-- Will we finally figure out if I have IC or not??

    Hi all...

    So I already have diagnosed PFD, VV and V which I am treated for by a chronic vaginitis and vulvar pain specialist.

    But in recent months I am having urinary symptoms on top of these existing pains which seem more bladder related so I am seeking the help of a new URO on top of my current treatment.


    -Peeing usually at least once an hour no matter if I drink anything or not (some days up to 3 times an hour)

    -Feeling of "battery acid" in my bladder on some days

    -LEAKING urine through my undies and sweats to the point where I can smell

    -Several "utis" a year. For example if I think I have six, only one is real and the rest set off the test for high WBC count, but no infection is present. (this particular issue has been a problem since age 15)

    I had a URO right before meeting the vulvar pain doctor...but the URO started me on the IC diet which I was on for about a month. When I told him I felt like I had no food triggers, he dismissed me and blamed it all on the PFD. He also dismissed me because I usually only woke up zero to two times to pee at night.

    The staff at the new URO office seems really nice and does not think my urination habits seem normal for a 26 yr old. So I am HOPING they do better than the last one.

    My fiance sees this URO for male prostate stuff and says he is a good guy.

    My question is...if I want a yes or no answer at this point on IC after all this drama...

    is a potassium test enough?? or should I insist on a cysto/hydro??

    Thanks and happy new year!!
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    Current Treatments: Effexor XR, Gabapentin, Oral Valium, Methadone, Lidocaine, ice/heat packs, sometimes vaginal valium suppositories, Vicodin

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    Hello there,

    Typically IC'ers will have frequent nighttime urination in addition to food sensitivities. Your doc maybe right in thinking you only have PFD. But the PST is controversial, they inject a solution in the bladder to see if you react or not. It usually is painfull for a IC bladder. There have been some people who think its not as accurate cause they dont feel pain during the PST and they end up getting a bladder cystoscopy and it is confirmed for IC. This doesnt happen to everyone. I rather do the PST they the bladder cystoscopy which I already had. The bladder cystoscopy with hydrodistention is the most accurate. You will be in a hospital setting and put under anesthesia. Usually they will also take a bladder biopsy. You get results in like 2 weeks. and 1-2 weeks to recover
    Diagnosed with IC October 2009- through bladder biopsy (no glomerations or hunners ulcers found, just irritation)

    I have moderate-severe IC

    Currently stopped taking all medications due to pregnancy