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    I have not yet been diagnosed with IC, but fear that I may have the disease. I am on my "third round" of UTI symptoms since early November. The first time, I went into urgent care, tested positive for an infection and was given a three day course of Cipro. The second time, I was given a 10-day course of Bactrim. The latest episode started about two weeks after ending the Bacrtrim.
    I tested negative for an infection, but I'm still waiting for the culture to return.
    In the meantime, I am dealing with frequent urgency and horrible nocturia. And since my bladder is empty, barely anything comes out and I feel like my bladder just can't relax.
    My doc prescribed some Macrobid, but I am reluctant to take it until my culture comes back. Does anyone have any advice or treatment suggestions? I am taking AZO, which helps, but I still wake up three times a night.

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    Well, until you're able to get more info from your doctor, one harmless thing you could try is the IC diet.

    -Started having symptoms in May 2009.

    -Doing pretty well on diet alone.