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  • pain management question

    I have been in pain and in bed for 6 months my urologist appointment is on the 20th. After reading a reply to one of my posts I decidesided to make an appointment with a pain management clinic also. The receptionist there told me the doctor will probably want an MRI before treating my pain. I am perplexed because I have read that an MRI will not usually show IC. Is this common? If the MRI doesn't show IC why would I need to put myself through this? Anyone have any advice?

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    My uro sent me for a CT scan when I was in the diagnosis process. Not to diagnose IC, but to exclude other things that could be causing or contributing to my pain. So I don't think a request for an MRI or CT scan is unusual, especially if you haven't yet had one done.


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      Thank you that is what I needed to know. I appreciate the reply. I just didn't know if that was normal .


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        I think you'll find that many of us had these types of scans done at some point or another in the IC journey.


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          I had an MRI for a back problem, but not for IC.

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            My pm wanted the MRI results when I had a herniated disc. But when I was dx'd with IC he wanted the doctor notes and report from my hydro/cysto. Have you had that done? He might be ok with just doctor notes recording the dx. I think the receptionist just doesn't know what IC is. You probably want to call back and talk with his nurse and explain what you're dealing with and find out what he needs in order to treat you. I can almost bet it's not an MRI.
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              I will do that I haven't had it done yet but I will call the nurse and talk to her. I know there has been a crack down in Orlando on pain clinics so I am sure he will need something to verify that I am not just an addict seeking drugs and that's fine but I know from what I've read an MRI isn't gonna help me at all. Thank you everyone for your assistance after 6 months in bed and a radical da vinci hysterectomy aggrivating my current condition I am no longer going to be a passive participant in my healthcare.