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Third trip to the ER un a week...

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  • Third trip to the ER un a week...

    I felt like my bladder was really full, but I just couldn't go. Then, at the ER, I was able to get out a few tsp's. They did a urine dip, but didn't say if they found anything. They scanned my bladder and said there was next to nothing in it.

    The ER doctor said he looked up my file and my ex urologist was very clear that I never showed up for any of my appointments. Well, if that's the case, how did I get a prescription 3 years ago for Detrol LA and Vesicare? He is not telling the truth - and the ER doctor said this is likely hindering me from getting faster care from a urologist now. Monday I will call a lawyer.

    I'm able to void again, but the stream is very weak, and I really have to concentrate. And now I'm experiencing incontinence. I don't notice it - but when I get up off the bed, there's a wet spot that smells like urine.

    Does that sound like IC?

    I'm still on the Elmiron, but now I have Percocets to throw into the mix.

    I'm 34 years old. I just finished college. I'm supposed to have a career. My kids deserve a mother. I worked for YEARS to overcome the abuse I endured as a child. Only to end up bedridden, in constant pain, completely out of my mind on narcotics now, and unable to live. Period.

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    You need to get in and see a good uro and have the cysto hytro done in the hospital to check for IC.
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      You really do need to be seen by a urologist to find out what's going on with you.

      Sending gentle hugs,
      Stay safe

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        Thanks guys

        I can't get in to see another doctor. This is Ontario, Canada and next to no physicians are taking new patients - if they are, the waiting list for a new GP is typically several months long.

        I am trying to get in to see a urologist. However, the uro I saw 3 years ago is now saying that I never showed for my appointments - this is a lie.

        When I was in the ER, they said they had a urologist on call, but it's only if you need bladder surgery like today. I told them about the inability to urinate, the incontinence, the nausea, the vomiting, etc and they said those symptoms are not urgent.

        I'm flying back home to my mom's place this week and I'll try and get in to see a doctor there. I'm also trying to see a urologist across the border in New York, but getting the paperwork together takes time. Time I feel I don't have.

        Universal health care SUCKS.