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help for my husbond :(

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  • help for my husbond :(

    My husband has been having pain and trouble using the bathroom trying to get stared and final when he gets some to come out he still has the filling he needs to go again. At night it seems to be worse he gets up about 5 to 7 times a night and has a hard time falling asleep because the pain and the filling never goes away.
    We have been to doter and urologist. Have done all the test cat-scans and ultrasounds all have came back negative. We asked the urologist if it could be the IC he told us that we need to just forget about that because he is a male and is to young. we have no insurance and he have had to pay for all the test out of our pocket. It have been thousands. It makes me so mad because it seems like the doters don't care.
    My husband has been in hell ever sens this has stared he is depresses. It is affecting everything in his life he can never sleep and is all ways tired and because of that his mood has changed. he had became a totally different person. It is kill me and i just want everything to go back the way it is. I want my husband back. My children want there dad back
    It it really imposable for a 27 year old male to have the IC

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    It is absolutely possible for someone that young, or even much younger, to have IC. And yes, men do get IC. One thing you could do is to begin an IC diet for him (the link to the latest food list is in my signature below). Is there a free clinic in your area? I know it can take a long time to get an appointment, but maybe he can get some help there.

    I hope he can get some help soon.

    Sending warm welcoming hugs,
    Stay safe

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      I want to start by giving you a welcome first of all. I am a male, by the way. I was diagnosed back in 1997. Anyhow, it does seem like he must have IC. Of course, I would not use that one doctor any longer. He would have ticked me off by now.(a male and too young) I do know a dude that was diagnosed at kindergarten age. (back in the 90's)(not recently) Hey! None of us enjoy having IC, or any chronic illness, but it is still good to be properly diagnosed. Yep! I can understand he must be about to have a cow by now. IC really does suck.(whether he has got it or not)At least, I can figure you are concerned because you are on here asking for help. Maybe you will get other replies as well.


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        I am sorry I missed your post. I too have a hub with IC. Although we are older (mid 50s) the situation is not much different. It has changed our lives as well. I do believe my hub has suffered from this thing for 15 years or so.

        Tell your hub yes, it is totally, extremely frustrating to have to get up every hour (at least) and lose sleep and feel so crappy all day long due to sleep deprivation. He is not alone. My hub thought he was feeling pretty good one day 2 weeks ago and rode shotgun on a snowplow with a friend for a couple of hours, and made the guy stop every 15 minutes to pee. He suffered for DAYS after that and will never do it again. It totally makes them feel like less of a man, they just cannot do the things they used to. Just let him know you love him no matter what, and to please not take it out on you. Any woman who has had a UTI knows the pain, imagine having that 24-7-365, which is what he is going through. So we as women can sympathize a little better.

        It is helpful for me personally to go with my hub to his doctors' appts and have a list pre-prepared with me to go over symptoms and problems.

        Let him take a nappy or two during the day, those power naps sometimes help. And please stay strong, try to get him to follow the diet (men are sometimes resistant to this, but will quickly become believers), and reinforce the fact that you did not do this to him. It is one of those thousands of weird diseases that hits people for no apparent reason. He's just lucky like my hub LOL. You can PM us anytime. Hang in there girl, eventually the guys do accept it and get on with it. Jill, wife of Bob


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          I am so sorry you and your hubby have been going through this!! And without insurance it must be a nightmare. Another thing you can do (if you believe in this) is go to your local natural food store and ask if there is anyone that can give you advise. We are blessed locally to have the owner of one of our stores be a nutritionist. She consulst and muscle test... she has helped me out tremendously.

          Good Luck!