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IC or Pelvic Floor weakness?

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  • IC or Pelvic Floor weakness?

    I think that I may have IC, but I can't get a doctor to consider it, mostly because I don't have a lot of pain.

    Basically, I have to go to the bathroom frequently and suddenly. When I get the urge I have at max 15 min to make it to the bathroom, sometimes less. I have tried "retraining" my bladder by going to the bathroom at intervals, but if I got an urge I couldn't make it to the next interval. I have tried Kegel exercises, which have helped me be able to hold it all the way until I sat on the toilet, but have not made the urges go away. I had one doctor who sent me to a Urogynecologist because she thought I might have IC, but the UG sort of dismissed that idea. She wants to try Pelvic Floor therapy first, and I'm not too excited about it. It's pretty invasive, and I don't want to do it since I don't think that's the problem. She didn't think it was IC because I don't have a lot of pain. I only have the pain that comes with really strong urges. However, I have tried diet modification, and the symptoms are much less. If I avoid citrus, cranberries, onions, etc. I generally feel pretty good.

    Is it worth it to try another doctor? Or should I do the pelvic floor exercises to prove that it won't solve the problem? Or should I just continue with the diet and not worry about getting a real diagnosis?

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    If you feel you need another opinion then it is the right thing to do. Pelvic floor therapy isn't always fun but it can be done externally and give you great results. It isn't all internal work. A lot of it is exercises that you do daily at home. YOu will be surprised to learn how different areas affect our pelvic floor. It might be very beneficial to you. If you have reservations about internal work, be sure to talk to your physical therapist about them.

    I know that the "bad" foods can affect a lot of people not just those with IC. It could be something like over active bladder or someting else.

    You might try talking to your gyno, they can often help with female bladder problems. From what you wrote, you are questioning your diagnosis. I would seek another opinion for peace of mind.

    Good luck, I hope you find relief soon and stick with the diet if it is helping.
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      If I were in your shoes, I'd give the physical therapy a try --- it just might help --- and if it doesn't, you have indeed proved it won't help. Actually many, even if they have IC, are helped significantly by therapy.

      Warm hugs,
      Stay safe

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        I am surprised that the urogynecologist you are seeing didn't talk about overactive bladder which has frequency, urgency and less pain, sometimes leakage goes along with it. From what I've read, OAB generally does not have pain. I have mild pain and at this point my diagnosis is not totally clear, either OAB or mild IC because I do have some pain like when my bladder is palpitated internally with a pelvic its very uncomfortable.

        Did the UG put you on any type of anticholinergenic like vesicare which is one of many? It relaxes the bladder and stops those sudden urges which are spasms or bladder contractions. I started on it myself this week and its wonderful to not have the spasms hardly at all now. Did the UG recommend any diagnostic testing?

        The diet is good for both OAB and IC . I'd go for a second opinion or at least talk to this UG about these other things that might help you. It seems like not much was done for you so if I were you I'd probably go to another UG. Were you told your pelvic floor was weak? The at home exercises should help strengthen those muscles.

        There is some debate about OAB and IC being separate or distinct conditions. My UG happens to think they are distinct. I just don't know because they both can give such similar symptoms.

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          I've been going to PT on and off for 1 year, it has helped me a lot!



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            Doesn't pelvic organ weakness bring on pelvic organ prolapse? Your urogyn needed to do a pelvic exam and see if you had this issue before recommending PT for it. Your urgency could be due to a number of reasons.