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I fled my home and I'm staying with my mommy...

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  • I fled my home and I'm staying with my mommy...

    I left my home about 10 days ago. I noticed an improvement in my symptoms almost immediately - but I cheated on the IC diet last night with Chinese food and today my bladder is very sore.

    Interestingly enough - my mom lives in "the north" and people tend to leave here for treatment elsewhere because there is a doctor shortage up here. And even though I STILL don't have an appointment with a urologist in the city I just left - I have TWO appointments within a week here. I have a cystoscopy this Monday with a local urologist, and a consult with a urgynecologist in Toronto on February 9th. Like, sersiously? It's been FOUR MONTHS in the city I left and NO appointment. But that's what that nurse said - there are "thousands upon thousands" of IC cases, and thousands more waiting to be diagnosed. In a single city of 100 000 people. Christ.

    Even my family doctor there says he has a very expensive filtration on his house because he knows the water is bad.

    I can drink the tap water up here in the north and it doesn't bother my bladder at all. The small French vanilla cappucino I have every morning for the past week bothers me a little bit - but not too badly. I would be in agony if I went back and tried that.

    So, I'm hoping Monday I'll have some answers. Finally. They do the cystoscopy under a local anesthetic - what should I expect?

    PS: My depression has lifted immensely since I came to my mom's. I miss my husband, my kids, my dog, even the guinea pigs soooo much, but my husband is bringing my truck, my son, and my dog here in the next couple of weeks. His aunt is going to put my son and my dog and I up for a couple months while my husband moves everyone else up here. His company is giving him a transfer.

    I'm not taking ANY antidepressants, just the Elmiron - which isn't helping all that much, truly - but just before I left, I was ready to die. I had begun to finalize my affairs. I said goodbye to my friends, my brother, and made an appointment to draw up a will.

    Once I left, that bleak, thick blackness began to fade immediately.

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    It sounds like things are looking up for you.

    Sending warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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      How excellent that you're noticing an improvement already. Mommies are the best medicine! Just kidding! It sounds like wherever you moved from was not too wonderful and your new home is going to be a big improvement, excpet maybe colder?
      I hope you keep getting better and better.
      Keep us posted.


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        Hope you are feeling better. It doesn't matter how old we are, if we have our Moms, they are the ones who truly understand us the best. You are lucky you have yours.

        And great you are getting in so quickly to doctors and Feb 9 is just around the corner after all. Did you ever get to the bottom of why so many in that town have IC? Would make an interesting study for "someone."

        Good luck to you with all of your new docs and tests and please let everyone know how you are doing. And take care of your mental self as well. Perhaps this move was the best move. Good luck girl. Jill, wife of Bob