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    Urologist sent me for a ct scan with contrast today and the pain tonight is unbelievable. I called his office and left a message with the nurses voice mail asking for help but got no response. Since it was after four. My biggest worry is I go in Monday for a cystoscopy without anestesia then have to leave immediately for a 9 hour trip in a moving truck. See to top off all of the ic stuff my mother past two weeks ago and we are having to move to be with my kids . I am doing all I can to get this diagnosis before we leave and lose insurence so that I have solid information when I get in with the free clinic. I need some feedback on if this trip will be horrific after the cystoscopy . I have found out already that there was blood in my urine that I had no infection in the culyure of my urine and that the contrast part of the ic has me flaring like no tomorrow. Please help me with any advice you can so I know if I should keep tryying to stand the pain or if I should go to the er and what to expect Monday. And if I should tell the doctor about the 9 hour trip I have . I mean I have to leave Monday but should me telling him of the trip make him show some sympathy and help me with the pain? I usually counted on my mom for doctors advice and am so lost without her. Please help me out if you can I am very concerned.