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Just wanted to post here more calmly, and update

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  • Just wanted to post here more calmly, and update

    I feel less panicky today. Reading and reading online, and I've found several places where women say that the irritation from bad UTIs can last several months after the bacteria is gone, and that acidic foods/drinks aggravate it. So I'm praying it's cystitis (temporary!) and not IC. I'm cutting out the lemon-water, coffee, alcohol, acidic foods. And I took some baking soda in water earlier (gag) and honestly, I think it helped.

    I still have ob appt on Tues., and will talk w/her in-depth about this! Thank you to all who have been posting to calm me down...

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    I am glad you are feeling better today. I'll tell you what I did when I was in your shoes. I read everything I could but didn't get too "into it" until I knew what I had. I just kept it in the back of my mind that they weren't sure yet so I didn't jump into a life that I may not have. Does that make sense? I mean it is good about the food and water, if you have irritation, what you are doing is great. Try to stay calm, rest, use your heating pad and take warm baths.

    Tuesday will put you more on the track to getting closer to diagnosis. Keep in mind though that diagnosing IC take time sometimes. I had quite a few tests and appts before they would say that it was IC. By the time that they told me what it was I was almost happy to have IC. Sounds crazy I know but I just wanted a name for what was going on. I am sure you can relate to that.

    Honestly though until you get a diagnosis what you are doing is all you can do. Try to stay calm, tension can wreak havoc on your body!

    Take care and let us know what you find.

    Link to the patient information, everything from What is IC? to Disability

    American Urological Association Clinical Guideline
    Diagnosis and Treatment of Intersitial Cysitis/Painful Bladder Syndrom


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      Thank you, Sandra!


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        I'm SO glad you've been able to calm yourself down!! I was truly getting a little worried about you, sweetie!! Hopefully you don't have IC but Sandra is right, getting the diagnosis takes time and tests and patience. I'm hoping only the best for you and I want you to let us all know what the doc says!! Have a good weekend!!
        Katie-46 yr old female dx'd with IC after 15 years of symptoms off and on long term antibiotic use, GERD,IBS and now IC diet, gallbladder removed, endometrial ablation w/tubes tied
        Lexapro-20 mg
        Ambien-as needed
        Percocet-7.5 up to 3 per day as needed
        Valium-10 mg x2 per day
        Phenergan-1 at night
        Prelief w/everything
        Now recovering from acute pancreatitis

        Currents treatments that help somewhat:
        Heating pad
        Hot baths
        Being VERY still while lying down with legs elevated


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          Thanks Katie! I have cut out coffee almost completely (had a bit yest. and a bit this morning, and I could tell--not awful pain, but there) and we're buying jugs of nursery water till we can get the water treatment guy here. Might be a while, because the ice and snow are coming...